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The World According to Humphrey

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1 The World According to Humphrey
Name: Class 5/

2 12 G-Choose the correct answers: Dear Parents:
1- The narrator of the story is ___ a. A.J. b. Humphrey. 2- What does Humphrey first notice about the family? a. They all talk loudly. b. They tell stories. 3- What is Humphrey’s Big Idea? a. To unplug the TV. b. To escape from the house. Dear Parents: Please make sure that your son/daughter can read the words mentioned in each page before reading. Example: If your child is going to read p.1 to p.3, he/she has to read the main vocabulary in each page before reading the story. 12

3 11 E-Answer the following questions:
1- What does the Thomases’ family like to do? 2. Explain why Humphrey decides to unplug the TV. 3. What do Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Thomas decide to do at the end? F-Use the word in a sentence: blaring: Page 2 den: a small room blaring: making a loud sound Page 5 effort: hard work Page6 classmate: your friend in your classroom Page7 sweeping: cleaning the floor with a broom Page8 promptly: right away 11

4 C-Match each word with its meaning:
den: hard work effort: a small room classmate: right away promptly: your friend in your class D-Use the word in a good sentence: classmate: The kids in Mrs. Brisbane’s class love taking care of their hamster, Humphrey. Every weekend one of the students takes Humphrey home. This weekend, A. J. Thomas takes Humphrey home from school. 10 1

5 effort – blaring –classmate - sweeping
A-Choose the correct words from the box to complete the following sentences: 1- The TV was _________ so I couldn’t sleep. 2- My mom was ________ the floor in the living room. 3- I always work with my _________ Ali in our class activities. 4- I could carry my heavy bag with great ________ B-Use this word in a sentence: promptly: When we arrived at A. J.’s house, the whole family welcomed me. A.J.’s mom told him to put my cage in the den. I noticed that everybody at A. J.’s house talked extra loud, because the TV was always blaring. effort – blaring –classmate - sweeping 2 9

6 At the end, Mr. Thomas and Mrs
At the end, Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Thomas decided to keep it unplugged for a couple more days because they noticed that the kids were playing happily outside, and that they forgot about the TV. This decision made me so happy! And I promptly fell asleep. Every house I visited so far had a TV, and I enjoyed watching some of the shows there. But the difference here, at the Thomases’ house, is that the television is on all the time. I couldn’t always hear the TV, because A. J.’s mother had a radio in the kitchen, which was always blaring, too. 8 3

7 He told the kids stories and started to teach them card games.
It was quiet for the first time! The next morning, the kids played cards and went out to play football. A. J. and his classmate Garth worked together to clean my cage. They also made a maze for me to play in. I opened the lock on my cage and went out and walked quickly. Then, with great effort I pulled out the plug of the TV. The family didn’t know what to do without a TV. They stayed home together. Mr. Thomas talked about what he used to do when he was a kid. He told the kids stories and started to teach them card games. 6 5

8 I watched all the activities of the family
I watched all the activities of the family. They watched TV all the time. They even had dinner in front of the TV. I couldn’t rest at all. Over the weekend, the TV and the radio were playing all the time. So I had this Big Idea! Mr. Thomas was sweeping behind the TV and discovered that it was unplugged. Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Thomas didn’t know how the TV became unplugged. Mr. Thomas tried to plug in the TV to make sure it was working. 7 4

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