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Unit 1A Vocabulary Words

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1 Unit 1A Vocabulary Words

2 Undress, unclothe, strip, denude
1. Apparel (n.) clothing, that which serves as dress or decoration (v.) to put clothes on, dress up Winter __________ should be warm and cozy. Let’s _______________ our cats for the party. SYNONMS: (n.) _________________ (v.) ________________ ANTONYMS: (v.) ___________________________________ apparel apparel attire, garments deck out Undress, unclothe, strip, denude

3 Blockade, encircle, pressure, hound
2. besiege (v.) to attack by surrounding with military forces; to cause worry or trouble If troops ______________ their stronghold, the rebel forces may be forced to surrender. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ besiege Blockade, encircle, pressure, hound

4 Condense, shrink, shorten
3. compress (v.) to press together; to reduce in size or volume; (n.) a folded cloth or pad applied to an injury The editor helped to __________________ my rambling 25-page mystery into an 8-page thriller. A cold _______________ may soothe headache pain. SYNONMS:(v.)___________________________________ ANTONYMS: (v.) _________________________________ compress compress Condense, shrink, shorten Expand, enlarge

5 4. denounce (v.) to condemn openly; to accuse formally
The United Nations decided to publicly _____________ the tyrant’s crimes against the people. SYNONMS:______________________________________ ANTONYMS:_____________________________________ denounce Criticize, censure Hail, acclaim

6 5. dispatch (v.) to send off or out for a purpose; to kill:
(n.) an official message; promptness, speed; the act of killing We’ll _______________ a repair crew right away. SYNONMS: (v.) _________(n.) _________________ ANTONYMS: (v.) ____________________________________ dispatch slay Report, communication Recall, withhold

7 Submerge, soak, dunk, immerse Dry out, dehydrate, kindle, ignite
6. douse (v.) to plunge into a liquid, drench; to put out quickly, extinguish I’ll ___________________ the flames with the hose. SYNONMS:_______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ douse Submerge, soak, dunk, immerse Dry out, dehydrate, kindle, ignite

8 Clearly, pointedly, explicitly Implicitly, accidentally
7. expressly (adv.) plainly, in so many words; for a particular purpose At the meeting, parents _________________ stated their approval of students wearing school uniforms. SYNONMS: _______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ expressly Clearly, pointedly, explicitly Implicitly, accidentally

9 hungry, starving, ravenous Well fed, full, satisfied, satiated
8. famished (adj., part.) suffering severely from hunger or from lack of something The Vietnamese immigrants, new to a strange American city, were _______________ for news of home SYNONMS: _________________________________________ ANTONYMS: ________________________________________ famished hungry, starving, ravenous Well fed, full, satisfied, satiated

10 9. forsake (v.) to give up, renounce; to leave, abandon I will never _______________ my children, no matter what they do or say. SYNONMS: _______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ forsake desert, disown keep, hold on to, stand by

11 unprofitable, unrewarding, nonpaying
10. gainful (adj.) profitable; bringing in money or some special advantage I hope to find ________________ employment that is pleasing to me. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ gainful moneymaking, paying unprofitable, unrewarding, nonpaying

12 11. Immense (adj.) very large or great; beyond ordinary means of measurement
Alaska enjoys ___________________ natural resources, but its severe climate makes those resources difficult to use. SYNONMS: _______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ immense vast, enormous, immeasurable, gigantic small, tiny, minute, infinitesimal

13 inept 12. Inept (adj.) totally without skill or appropriateness
The scientist is brilliant in the research laboratory but is ______________ at dealing with people. SYNONMS: _______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ inept clumsy, unskilled, bungling, incompetent skillful, accomplished, adroit

14 13. ingenious (adj.) showing remarkable originality, inventiveness, or resourcefulness; clever
The students found an ____________________ solution to the math problem. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ ingenious imaginative, inventive, resourceful unimaginative, unoriginal, uninventive

15 instantaneous 14. Instantaneous (adj.) done in an instant; immediate
Most computer software is designed so that users can obtain nearly _______________________ responses. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ ANTONYMS: ____________________________________ instantaneous prompt, quick, speedy delayed, slow, gradual

16 please, delight, cheer, gladden
15. irk (v.) to annoy, trouble, make weary Questions that show a student’s lack of attention ____________ the teacher. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ irk bother, irritate, vex please, delight, cheer, gladden

17 16. Libel (n.) a statement that unfairly or falsely harms the reputation of the person about whom it is made; (v.) to write or publish such a statement The celebrity accused her biographer of ______________. It is a crime to ___________ others, no matter how you feel about them. SYNONMS: (n.)_____________ (v.) ___________________ libel libel slur smear, defame

18 worry, qualm, hesitation feeling of confidence, assurance
17. misgiving (n.) a feeling of fear, doubt, or uncertainty They had a _________________ about joining the chorus because of its demanding schedule. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ ANTONYMS: _____________________________________ misgiving worry, qualm, hesitation feeling of confidence, assurance

19 bonehead, dunce, clod, lout
18. Oaf (n.) a stupid person; a big, clumsy, slow individual He generally moved like an ________ so I was surprised to see how graceful he was on the dance floor. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ oaf bonehead, dunce, clod, lout

20 retreat, go back, back up, ebb
19. recede (v.) to go or move backward; to become more distant The town residents must with for the flood water to _________before they can deal with the terrible mess left behind. SYNONMS: ______________________________________ ANTONYMS: ____________________________________ recede retreat, go back, back up, ebb advance, come closer

21 repast victuals 20. Repast (n.) a meal, food
Let’s get together after the show at Callie’s Café for a late night ______________. SYNONMS: ____________________________________ repast victuals

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