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Word Meaning Objective 1. Objective 1 skills ▪ Unfamiliar words and phrases ▪ Multiple meaning words.

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1 Word Meaning Objective 1

2 Objective 1 skills ▪ Unfamiliar words and phrases ▪ Multiple meaning words

3 SSR : 10 minutes As you read in class today, make note of at least two words that are new to you. You can highlight them or write them down. These are called Unfamiliar words

4 In pairs, Each person “donates” two words to make a list of 4 new words. Write these down.  new word, page___  new word, page ____  new word, page___

5 In pairs, discuss… (do not use a dictionary) What might the mystery words mean? Look at each one in the context of the story What clues does the author give you? Together, come up with a guess for the meaning of each word

6 How do you guess? Use Context Clues- These are the words that surround the mystery word. They help you understand the meaning of the word. Your textbook covers 4 types of context clues. (pages 12-16) Examples, synonyms, antonyms, and the general meaning of the sentence Our meeting was serendipitous. I never thought I would be this lucky.

7 Using Context Clues is like trying out new shoes...

8 Test your guess. Try it on. Remove the mystery word from the sentence (just like taking off your old shoes ) Replace it with your guess. (like putting on the new shoes ) Read the new sentence. Does it make sense? (walk around with the new shoes; make sure they feel right) If so, you’ve got a good guess. (buy the shoes!) If not, try again.(keep shopping)

9 No Context Clues? Use Word Structure- This refers to the word itself. What does it look like? Do you recognize a part of the word? Does it sound like a word you know in Spanish? Prenatal Dilemma Infantile Pensive Mortuary, mortician, mortified, morbid, morgue, Translate, transition, transportation,transfer

10 After sharing some of your guesses with me, ▪ Use your dictionaries to look up the words ▪ You will likely find several definitions for each word. These are called Multiple Meaning Words. ▪ Which do you choose? –Choose the one that best matches your story ▪ Now compare your guess to the actual definition. Were you close?

11 Can’t find the word in the dictionary? Check the spelling As a last resort, write “not found” under the dictionary definition section. Don’t leave it blank. Check for prefixes and suffixes. Sometimes these have to be removed before finding the word.

12 Objective 1: Word Meaning Unfamiliar words Multiple Meaning Words

13 Things to discuss Spell check and how to use it Misspelled words (collage/ college) Journal submission details Extra credit workshops One workshop = 1 dropped textbook homework grade Two workshops = 1 free journal entry Three workshops = 1 week off journals

14 Townsend Press Lab Assignment Go to Click on Townsend Press login Select the vocabulary book listed Do all of the assignments in red (2 assignments from chapters 1, 2, and 3) DO NOT USE THE DICTIONARY. USE CONTEXT CLUES I will record the 2 highest scores. Work the entire lab time. If you finish all 3 chapters early, you may work on your blackboard journals. If you do not finish, I will take the 2 highest scores. Not for homework.

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