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Long term player development model

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1 Long term player development model
Erin Go Bragh G.A.A CLUB Long term player development model

2 The Game That Grows With The Child

3 The 7 stages of LTPD Active start FUNdamental Learning to train
Training to train Training to compete Training to win Retirement/ Retention

4 4-6 years of age Hurling Football Correct hurly size The grip
Swing-elbow up Ready, lock, lift positions One handed dribble Two handed dribble Ground strike (Tyre, ball) Striking, stationary/moving Throw Bowling ball Two handed bounce One handed bounce Body catch Pick up Ground Kick/Dribble Punt kick Knee tap solo

5 4-6 years of age ABCs RJTs Game specific Agility Balance Co-ordination
Running Jumping Throwing Target games Court games Part invasion

6 7-9 years of age. Hurling Football Handling/Catching Ground strike
Doubling on ball Striking from hand Bean bag balancing Ball Balancing Ground flick Ground Clash Hooking Frontal block ( hurl to hurl) Body catch Low/High catch Fist pass/ Hand pass Crouch lift (stationary) Punt kick (Left &Right) High bounce Toe tap stationary Near hand tackle Shadowing Frontal tackle Block down

7 7-9 years of age Physical focus Game specific Zigzag relays
One leg hoping Landing from left to right Good technique On the spot Hurdle running Leap frog Tug of war/ push and pull The bridge Skittles Over the river Rounder's 4v4 (no goalies) 4V4 two touch 5v5 all in

8 10-12 year of age Hurling Football High/Low catch Hand passing
Over head catch (hurl with hand) Hand passing (two hands) Striking on the run Short stick striking (left & right) Jab/roll lift (moving) Lift & strike Solo, Batting, side lines Hooking. Blocking (High Low) Shouldering High/Low catch Hand passing Punt kick Left and right.(outside foot) Solo left and right foot. Dummy solo, Low bounce. Near hand tackle Shadowing, shouldering Frontal block, Block down

9 10-12 year of age. Physical Game specific
Speed (up to 6 seconds effort) Strength ( core strength) Own body exercise Pull ups ,press ups Endurance Relay running, small sided games. Dynamic stretching, Mobility exercises Warm up, warm down concept Over the river Crazy kicks Pass and attack 4v4, 5v5 Last back Four goal game 3 goals in.

10 13-15 year of age. Hurling Football High/low catch (hand protected)
Hand pass off the Hurley Chest catch (goalie) Jab lift at pace Striking is all done on the run Score getting Multi directional soloing Ground tussle Flick off hurl Tap and move Ball feint Fist pass for distance Catching at speed Punt kick Long Kick pass Scoring from angles Penalties Evasion, soloing Tackling, near hand, frontal, block down Hand off (while soloing, bouncing.

11 13-15 year of age. Physical focus Game specific
Multi- directional ( effort up to 20 seconds) Quick footwork, agility Acceleration-deceleration Game related reaction games Body weight circuit training Dynamic warm-up Flexibility routines N.B. To be done by qualified coaches only 15 v 15 Possession games One rule games Give and go 4seconds Two touch Zone to zone

12 Resources for mentors Ready to play (Nursery level)
Have a ball (Nursery Level) Lesson Plans. (Hurling & Football) Give us a game. (Hurling &Football) Game sense (Football) Building physical skills Fun do packs (Hurling & Football) Wall Ball drills. ( Hurling) Dublin coaching and

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