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Basketball Lesson. Name ___________________________ Period ___________________________ Date ____________________________ COURT DIAGRAM 1. 3 Point Arc.

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1 Basketball Lesson

2 Name ___________________________ Period ___________________________ Date ____________________________ COURT DIAGRAM 1. 3 Point Arc 6. Base Line 5. Forward 4. Basket (Hoop) 3. Point Guard 2. Center Circle 7. Wing 8. Midcourt Line 9. Free Throw Lane 10. Free Throw Line

3 Basketball Lesson Rules: 11. A regulation basketball team consists of ________ players. 12. The game begins at the center of the court with a _______ _____. 13. Each team must use a combination of _________ and _________ to advance the ball toward their designated basket. 14. _____ points are scored for each field goal, while ______ points for field goals shot beyond the designated arc. 15. Dribbling with two hands or dribbling with one hand after you have already stopped your dribbling is called __________ __________. 5 Ball passes Two Jump double dribbles dribbling three

4 Basketball Lesson Rules: 16.A ______ is called when a defensive player hits, pushes or contacts an offensive player who has possession of the ball. 17. Moving your pivot foot without dribbling would be a ___________ violation. 18. When two players from opposing teams have a hold of the ball it is considered a ______ ______. 19. A defensive system where each player guards an assigned player is called a ______ to ______ defense. 20. A defensive system where each player guards an assigned court area is called a _____ defense. traveling jump man ball man zone foul

5 Basketball Lesson Skills: Dribbling Dribble with fingertips and pads of your hands. Keep head up. Legs bent, flex your wrists, spread your fingers, & push the ball down. Keep elbows close to body & dribble basketball close to the ground. Run quickly & dribble the basketball in front of you about waist high.. Jump stop with two feet and pivot. Video Clip

6 Basketball Lesson Skills: Chest Pass Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. With two hands, elbows bent, hold the ball in front of your chest. Step forward to target and push ball with both hands from chest. Fully extended arms, thumbs pointing to the ground. Teammate’s chest is the target. Video Clip

7 Basketball Lesson Skills: Shooting Feet shoulder width, knees bent, and pointed toward basketball hoop. Place shooting arm at 90 degrees & elbow directly under basketball. Fingers spread, ball balanced with one hand, other hand on side of ball. Extend shooting arm & legs in a straight line toward the basketball goal. Flick the wrist, ball rolling off of fingertips, finish pointing to rim. Video Clip

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