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Football Lesson. Name ___________________________ Period ___________________________ Date ____________________________ FIELD DIAGRAM 1. End Zone 2. Side.

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1 Football Lesson

2 Name ___________________________ Period ___________________________ Date ____________________________ FIELD DIAGRAM 1. End Zone 2. Side Line 3. Linebackers 5. Receiver 6. Quarterback 7. Running Back 8. Offensive Lineman 11. 50 Yard Line 12. Goal Line 13. End Line 10. Defensive Back 4. Defensive Lineman 9. Line of Scrimmage

3 Football Lesson Rules: 14. A team consists of ________ players. 15. The offensive team (team with the ball) usually has 3 linemen, 2 receivers, 2 running backs and a ______________. 16. The defensive team (team without the ball) usually has 3 linemen, 2 corner backs, 2 linebackers and a ______________. 17. The game begins with a ______ _____ from the kicking team’s 20 yard line. 18. The spot on the field where the ball carriers flag is pulled will determine the line of ______________ for the following play. 8 quarterback safety kick scrimmage 0ff

4 Rules: 19. The offensive team will have four __________ to advance the ball forward. 20. Every play may be a sweep, hand off or a ________. 21. Any exchange of the ball that is dropped is an automatic ________ ball at the spot the ball hits the ground. 22. All eight players are eligible ___________including the center. 23. The defensive team may rush the ball carrier after _____ seconds (alligators) or when the quarterback has made a clear exchange of the ball. Football Lesson downs receivers 5 dead pass

5 Football Lesson Rules: 24. The defensive team will be allowed to ________ once every four downs. 25. __________ is allowed on fourth down only. 26. A touchdown is scored when the ball has crossed the goal line and is worth ____ points. 27. A PAT (Point after Touchdown) is worth ______ point if done running, or _____ points if done passing. blitz Punting 6 12

6 Football Lesson Skills: 1 2 3 4 5 23. Passing Hand Grip-two fingers on laces & index & middle finger close to point. Cradle ball with two hands & hold under the chin. Feet shoulder width, non-dominant foot forward, body stance at 45. Cock your throwing arm back with elbow bent, ball just past ear. Step forward, snap arm forward & follow through with thumb down. Video Clip

7 Football Lesson Skills: 1 2 3 4 5 24. Catching Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Bring your hands together, forming the shape of an “Ace of Spades”. Raise your arms, elbows slightly bent and in front of your chest. Catch the nose of the ball w/in the shape, pretending to catch an egg. Bring your arms in and cradle the ball. Video Clip

8 Football Lesson Skills: 1 2 3 4 5 25. Punting Hold the ball in front of you, two hands & with the laces pointing up. Dominant hand under the football, other hand towards the back of ball. Take two steps forward, beginning with your kicking foot. On last step, remove non-dominant hand, extend leg, point the toe. Drop ball toward your kicking foot, & kick ball with top of foot. Video Clip

9 Football Lesson Video Clip

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