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FFNT Southern Zone Football Academy Goalkeeping Clinic 2008.

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1 FFNT Southern Zone Football Academy Goalkeeping Clinic 2008

2 Warm Up Exercises Foot Work Hand Work Ball Work Combined Hand & Foot Work Footwork & Recovery Speed Work

3 Warm Up – Foot Work Warm up with ball Passing and Moving Between the Group 1 Ball for every 3 Keepers Work On First Touch Work on Passing (both feet)

4 Warm Up – Hand Work 1 Ball per 3 Keepers Pass and Move –In the Air –On the Floor –Waist Height Key Points –Call for Ball –Take Ball at Highest Point Possible –Alternate Feet for Take-off

5 Warm Up – Ball Work 20m jog –bouncing ball w/ 2 hands on way out –Bounce w/ alternate hands on way back –3 reps each 20m jog –Pass ball around torso on way out –Throw ball in air & catch on way back Key Points –Call for High Balls –Take at Highest Point Comfortable

6 Warm Up – Hands & Foot Work Two Keepers, 1 ball Side-to-side footwork (no feet together) Throw ball back & forth, varying heights –Above head –Face level –Waist level –1m apart Distance 20m, 5 reps

7 Warm Up – Foot Work & Recovery Jog & side-step around coach Coach calls “Dive!” Keepers collapse-save & back to feet Coach calls “Catch One!” –Keepers take off, catch imaginary ball in air, above head Coach can call take-off foot

8 Warm Up – Speed Work 5m, 10m, 20m sprints –Sprint up –Side-step back, watching imaginary ball –5 reps each distance Side-stepping as sprints –Alternate lead-off foot (left, right, left, right, …)

9 Stance Drills

10 Stance - Basics Also called “Set Position” Stance affects the keeper’s ability to catch a ball, make a save, and take a cross Starting Position –Feet Forward, Shoulder Width apart –Knees slightly bent over the toes –Shoulders over knees –Palms of hands showing to side of body and in-line with legs

11 Stance - Movement Keepers to move within an area large enough to accommodate group in training –Side-step movements –Forward Jogs –Backward Jogs Coach calls “Set!” or “Stance!” –Keepers go to Set Position Key Points –Feet Forward –Hands Positioned –Knees Slightly Bent –Shoulders over knees

12 Stance - Movement Move Through Obstacles (cones, poles, or balls) –Quick Footwork Through 3 to 4 Obstacles –Go to stance on coach’s command Make a Goal, 1 stride past last obstacle –Keepers move through obstacles –Quick movement to goal line –Coach delivers ball once keeper is set –Balls delivered at varying heights –Emphasis on making saves (not coach scoring)

13 Stance – Save Drills Move Through Obstacles –Keeper goes to set position –Coach delivers ball at varying heights 10 reps to one side 10 reps to alternate side 10 reps alternating sides Key Points –Pace of ball is critical Pace steadily increases as keeper gains confidence

14 Handling Drills

15 Handling Set up –1 ball per pair –5 m apart –1 keeper receives, 1 keeper delivers ball Keeper delivering –10 good kicks to head height from half volley Keeper receiving –10 clean catches at head height 5 reps Key Points –Best setting is in a goal or near a fence –Must be part of every training session –Try to incorporate in warm-up

16 Diving – Collapse Dive Keeper Upright Rolls Ankle Knee Pushes Out Keeper collapses onto hip & side –ground-side arm extended –do not collapse onto knee If necessary, start from a kneeling position

17 Diving – Collapse from Kneel Keeper on knees Ground side arm extended Keeper collapses hip to ground Coach can now add ball –Throw to keeper’s hands during collapse motion –Roll ball for keeper to attack on floor –Alternate sides

18 Diving - Collapse If keeper has difficulty –Have keeper hold ball in hands –Collapse while holding ball Key Points –Land on side (not knees) –Eyes on ball, head still

19 Diving – Game Drill Two keepers, two goals, one ball 2m apart On knees Start by delivering ball to each other –On floor –In Air, varying heights Progress to scoring competition Progress to standing position

20 Diving Exercise K C SS 1 3 2 4 5

21 1.Keeper dives over obstacles 2.Coach delivers ball to keeper, keeper throws back to coach 3.Keeper moves to 1 st goal, goes to set position, server sends ball to low post 4.Keeper moves to 2 nd goal, goes to set position, server sends ball to low post 5.Keeper returns to starting position Rotate players between server & keeper

22 Angles

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