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History Test Review Chapters 11-21 Mr. Shaffer December 2014.

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1 History Test Review Chapters 11-21 Mr. Shaffer December 2014

2 What is the term that means a person who betrays trust or is false to an obligation or duty? Answer: Traitor

3 What is the term for a government in which the people have the power and rule themselves usually through elected officials Answer: Democracy

4 What is the term that means farmers and artisans in the militia who could be ready to fight at a minute’s notice Answer: Minutemen

5 What is the term that means a crude person that represents a hated person Answer: Effigy

6 What is the term that stands for a government headed by a queen or king Answer: Monarchy

7 Colonists who banded together to ensure rights as Americans and promote independence from England Answer: Sons of Liberty

8 What term means a hothead who sparks a revolution or inspires others to action Answer: Firebrands

9 Inaccurate gun that had to be loaded from the top for each shot, but could hold a bayonet Answer: Musket

10 Soldier standing guard at the point of Passage Answer: sentry

11 Citizen soldiers that met regularly to train and drill Answer: Militia

12 Define Continental Army Answer: Army formed to defend against the British and George Washington was picked to be the leader

13 Define Green Mountain Boys Answer: Group who was led by Ethan Allen

14 Define Lobsterbacks Answer: Nickname for the British red coat solider

15 Define Benedict Arnold Answer: He was a successful general who turned into a traitor

16 Define Committees of Correspondence Answer: Organization founded by Samuel Adams consisting of a system of communication between patriot leaders in New England and throughout the colonies

17 Who was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence? Answer: John Hancock

18 What was the law that forced people to pay a special tax on certain items that were then stamped to show that the tax had been paid? Answer: Stamp Act

19 What were the laws called that placed import taxes on paint, glass, lead, paper, and tea coming into America? Who was that money then used to pay? Answer: Townshend Acts British colonial officials

20 What act was passed that required colonists to pay for housing and feeding British soldiers in their area? Answer: Quartering Act

21 British soldiers fired at a mob of civilians, killing five and wounding seven Answer: Boston Massacre

22 Last effort by the Continental Congress asking the king to consider their problems and the king refused to read the petition Answer: Olive Branch Petition

23 Name of what was written by Thomas Pain. What did he argue in his writing? Answer: Common Sense He argued why America should be free from English rule

24 When the delegates from the colonies met in Philadelphia to debate the rapidly disintegrating relationship between England and the colonies. What did they name George Washington as? This whole thing was known as? Answer: Commander in chief of the Continental Army Second Continental Congress

25 King of England during the Revolutionary War Answer: King George III

26 First firebrand, member of Sons of Liberty, and helped brew the Boston Tea Party Answer: Sam Adams

27 British officer in command on the night of the Boston Massacre Answer: Thomas Preston

28 Nominated Washington as Commander of the Continental Army and represented British soldiers who were present at the Boston Massacre Answer: John Adams

29 First major battle of the Revolutionary War Answer: Bunker Hill

30 The man who wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac Answer: Benjamin Franklin

31 Compare and contrast Patriots/Loyalists. Describe the feelings of each group. Where would the support of each group be stronger? Answer:

32 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for both the Continental Army and the British Redcoats. You must provide one advantage and disadvantage for each side. Answer:

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