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2 Vocabulary Immigrate: To enter a country for the purpose of living there. Asylum: Legal permission to live in a country granted in special cases to people feeling danger or persecution in the homelands. Deport – To force someone out of the country. Assimilate – To absorb into the cultural tradition of a larger population. Detainee - An alien in the custody of the government temporarily.

3 Vocabulary Immigrate Immigrer Deport Expulser Asylum Asile Assimilate
English French Immigrate Immigrer Deport Expulser Asylum Asile Assimilate Assimiler Detainee Détenu

4 Migration is the movement of people from one place to another.
Internal migration is when people migrate within the same country or region - for example, moving from London to Plymouth. International migration is when people migrate from one country to another - for example, moving from Mexico to the USA. Emigration - when someone leaves a country. Immigration - when someone enters a country.

5 Why do people Migrate?





10 Inversion: Rephrase the following sentences beginning with the words given:
You cannot have a party. Under no circumstances ___________________________ They arrived at the house. They realized they had left the keys at work. Not until _______________________________________ Alyssa rarely goes out. Only occasionally ________________________________ Students are not allowed to use dictionaries in the test. Never __________________________________________ The problems intensified when he came home. No sooner _______________________________________ Shauna could never have given you money. Never ___________________________________________

11 The day was long and boring.
Not only ____________________________________ When she received her pocket money, she buys CDs. Only when __________________________________ It is rare that teenagers listen to their parents. Seldom _____________________________________ Marshall had never seen such a beautiful woman. Never before _________________________________ You cannot speak to the pilot. In no circumstance _____________________________ Allan had no idea about his wife’s life. Little ________________________________________ You composition is badly written and has no paragraphs. Not only ______________________________________ Ted and Joey seldom get on. Rarely ________________________________________

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