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Lesson 3: Different types of citizens

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1 Lesson 3: Different types of citizens
Citizenship Lesson 3: Different types of citizens

2 Aliens Definition- People who are citizens of another country but who are in the U.S. for a reason May be visitors, students, or temporary job holders They must follow U.S. laws and they have most of the rights that American citizens do

3 How do we keep track of everyone?
Register once a year in January with Citizenship and Immigration Services (part of Homeland Security) Record the location and activities of aliens They can become citizens When they become citizens they gain full rights; including the right to vote, serve on a jury, or hold public office

4 What happens if they break a law?
If an alien breaks a law or does not pay their taxes they may be deported Definition- to send away or order to leave a country If someone is deported they must leave the U.S. and return to the country they were born in If an alien commits a serious crime they can be deported If an alien is loyal to a government that is not friendly to the U.S. may be deported

5 What Is Political Asylum?
We offer this to aliens Definition- a place where a person is safe from the dangerous actions or beliefs of his or her own country or government Asylum may be given to visitors, athletes, artists, sailors or workers from another government They feel mistreated by their government We protect them until we know why they wish to leave their home country; if it is a valid reason they can stay They may apply for citizenship

6 Undocumented Aliens No one knows for sure how many live in the U.S.
The number increases by at least a half million a year Enter the country through the borders of Canada or Mexico Some have forged papers; many are aliens who overstayed their welcome Nearly all are sent home; those who are apprehended

7 Problems Due to Undocumented Aliens
Until 1987 it was legal to hire undocumented aliens Now many hold jobs that they received when they came here illegally The increase in population has put stress on the public school systems and welfare services of several states (California, Texas and Florida) There have been laws passed to help with this issue Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 Illegal Immigration Restrictions Act of 1996

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