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CHAPTER 6 “It Was Love, So Strong and So Real”

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1 CHAPTER 6 “It Was Love, So Strong and So Real”
NEW PASSWORD CHAPTER 6 “It Was Love, So Strong and So Real”

2 Embracing Our Differences

3 Pre-Reading Can cultural differences affect a marriage?

4 Does a married couple have to share the same interests?

5 How can love be “real and strong”?


7 awful very bad, unpleasant She had an awful exam yesterday.

8 Stare: verb To keep looking at someone or something.
Ex: He stared at her all afternoon.

9 Go on: verb To continue looking for something
Ex; The student went on trying to find an answer

10 Discover: verb To find out something new, ex: Einstein discovered The Theory of Relativity.

11 Total complete or extreme Everything about the ceremony is in total control.

12 To face: verb To accept that there is a problem and start to find an an answer. Ex. Bill had to face the fact that he was overweight.

13 responsibility a duty to take care of something
Parents’ responsibility is to take care of their children.

14 Comfortable: adj To feel very relaxed Ex: I feel comfortable in this chair.

15 No longer in the past but not now
They get divorced last month. They are no longer married.

16 Although: conjunction
Used to introduce a fact that makes another fact seem surprising.

17 Difference (noun) Not the same things
There is no difference between the twins.

18 Alike: adv Two people or things that are the same or nearly the same.
Ex: These two figures look very much alike.

19 Couple: noun Two people in a relationship.
Ex: John and Susan have been a happily married couple for thirty years.

20 Marriage (noun) Legally accepted relationship between man and woman as husband and wife I hope they will have a long and happy marriage.

21 Difficulties: noun Things not easily done, problems we need to find an answer for. Ex: There are difficulties in every relationship at some time.

22 True/False? 1. Arunaa is a young woman from Malaysia T / F
2. She met Herve when she was a college student in France. T /F 3.Arunaa’s parents told her not to leave home. T /F 4. Arunaa and Herve are now married and living in France. T /F 5. It was hard for Arunaa to get used to many things in her new life. T /F

23 1. TRUE

24 2. FALSE

25 3 FALSE

26 4. TRUE

27 5. TRUE

28 Identifying Paragraph Topics
What is each paragraph in the reading about? Write the topics of the paragraphs.

29 Paragraph 1. How Arunaa and Herve met

30 Paragraph 2. Facing a big decision

31 Paragraph 3 Arunaa’s parents

32 Paragraph 4 Challenges for Arunaa in France

33 Paragraph 5 Arunaa’s decision to go

34 Paragraph 6 Dealing with cultural differences in marriage


36 Paragraph 7 Arunaa and Herve’s differences and their love

37 Reading for Details TRUE / FALSE/ IT DOESN’T SAY?

38 Statement 1. Arunaa met Herve in a college classroom in Malaysia.


40 Statement 2 Herve left before Arunaa graduated.

41 False

42 Statement 4. Arunaa’s parents told her not to go to France.


44 Statement 5 Herve expected things to be easy for her in France.


46 Statement 6 Arunaa says her biggest challenge was religious differences.

47 False

48 Statement 7 In France, Arunaa still eats rice three times a day.

49 True

50 Statement 8 Arunaa can speak French well now.


52 Reading Between The Lines
Please turn to page 68

53 Possible Answers 1. Arunaa is beautiful and he wanted to meet her.
2.They never expected their daughter to want to move so far away. 3. She was worried that Herve would seem like a different person in his own country. 4. It’s part of her culture. 5. It’s not part of his culture, and it doesn’t feel right to him.

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