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How to Give Online. First - log in using your VUnet Id and ePassword.

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1 How to Give Online

2 First - log in using your VUnet Id and ePassword

3 There are only 3 easy steps. Step 1 - select how you want to give: 12 month payroll deduction or a 1 time payroll deduction or 1 time credit card payment.

4 If you have selected payroll deduction, select your payroll period, (1 month or 12 months), and the amount per month. You will see the total dollar amount pop up. Then choose if you want to remain anonymous or not.

5 Step 2- Designate your gift. You can designate one of the 4 Federations, or click on a federation to search all agencies under that Federation, or use the “Search” function to find an agency. Just click search…..

6 and enter a key word. In this example I have used the word humane. The system will bring up everything with the word humane.

7 Click on the agency of your choice and you will see the word ADD pop up. Click ADD.

8 When you click ADD the agency will appear in the section on the right. Enter the total amount you wish to give to that agency in the box to the right. You can give to as many agencies as you wish. Just repeat the process.

9 Step 3 is a questionnaire. In the comments section let us know if there are any other volunteer activities you are interested in or let us know how to improve your giving experience. Then enter your pledge.

10 After you enter your pledge you will receive this screen, or if there is something you have left blank it will show an error and tell you what you need to complete. Click the box that says “Click here to proceed” after completion.

11 After you click proceed you will have the opportunity to print an acknowledgement for your gift. Please keep this for your records.

12 And you’re done! If you would like to make another pledge you may do so. Just log in and start over.

13 Thank you! Because of your generosity we can help supply the building blocks to Build a Community with Hope Call 343-7000 if you have questions or if you need help.

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