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2011 Alaska SHARE Campaign. 2011 Goal Person to Person.

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1 2011 Alaska SHARE Campaign

2 2011 Goal Person to Person

3 Website & E-Pledging  Pledge online  Get charity codes  Contact campaign staff  Returning online donors – confirm profile & make a 2011 pledge  New users create an account  Returning donors must confirm profile and new must create in order to participate in the drawing – no pledge needed

4 Five Steps to a Successful Campaign  Believe in the Cause  Make your gift first  Educate others  ASK for contributions  Give THANKS to ALL! Make it FUN

5 Believe in your Cause The more you know about SHARE, the more effective you will be when you invite people to participate.

6 M A K E YOUR G I F T Make your own gift first. This shows others you believe in the cause, and it will be easier to invite others to participate in SHARE.

7 Educate Others Many state employees aren’t familiar with SHARE or may know very little about the campaign. It is your job to make sure all employees have the informed opportunity to give.

8 ASK Others to Contribute  Personalize your comments  Advertise payroll deduction  Ask for a contribution  Remember – “No” is okay


10 Food For Thought  The participation rate for the 2008 was less than 5% and raised $320,000.  The 2009 & 10 campaigns raised slightly more than $400,000 – with 7 % participation.  If 25% of the Alaska’s state workforce donated $10 per pay period, the SHARE campaign would raise $1.4 million!

11 Pledge Form


13 Giving Levels $ 250 Pledge ~ Todd Salat Notecards $ 500 Pledge ~ Sports Bottle $1,000 Pledge ~ Todd Salat “First Light”print

14 Mail completed envelopes and gift requests to: SHARE Campaign-Brenda Hewitt Department of Transportation & Public Facilities 4111 Aviation Ave. Anchorage, AK 99519-6900 For questions regarding the campaign contact: Brenda Hewitt 907-465-4772 For questions regarding e-pledging contact: Karen Oakeley 263-3818

15 We appreciate your efforts to help make SHARE 2011 successful!

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