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2 Mission Statement The mission of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is to support and to promote philanthropy through a program that is employee-focused, cost efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.


4 2014 Campaign Highlights Campaign Theme: “Give for Good”
Campaign Begins: Oct. 6, thru Nov. 21, 2014 2013 Campaign Results: 2013 Collective Totals Raised: $3,165,180 2014 Overall Goal: $3,300,000 2014 Projected % increase: 5.0% Number of employees: 62,711* Number of contributors: 11,000* Participation rate: 17.5% *estimate

5 10 Steps to a Successful Campaign
1. Establish Your Objectives and Analyze Last Year’s Campaign Build on previous success Eliminate what doesn’t work 2. Secure the Support of Top Management Top level “buy-in” allows for time and resources Sets the example for employees 3. Recruit Your Team Share the responsibility and fun

6 10 Steps to Success (con’t.)
4. Keyworker Training Vital to broadening awareness and education of the CFC Builds team spirit 5. Publicize Your Goals Motivates for better results 6.Utilize CFC Resources Materials were designed to promote CFC education and awareness

7 10 Steps to Success (con’t.)
7. Publicize Your Campaign Generates excitement and increases donations Donors can’t give to CFC if they don’t know about it! 8. Conduct an Effective Employee Campaign Be prepared, friendly, and informative Ask for a Pledge, face to face is best Say “Thank You” and follow up Smile!

8 10 Steps to Success (con’t.)
9. Report The Results Weekly Regular reporting allows the team to monitor progress and be recognized Turning in reports regularly keeps you from having to hold cash, checks, and pledge forms 10. Say Thanks! Demonstrates appreciation Builds momentum for giving in next campaign Don’t forget – this is one of the easiest yet most overlooked steps

9 Effective Workplace Campaigns
Presentations / Rallys / Coordinator’s Speech Establish Your Credibility Arouse the Emotions of Your Audience Give Reasons For Supporting the CFC Concentrate on CFC’s Efficiency and Effectiveness Ask Your Audience to Join You in Supporting the CFC

10 Effective Workplace Campaigns
Agency Speakers Provides an opportunity to learn about an agency without leaving the office Agency Fairs Provides firsthand exposure to a variety of CFC agencies Agency Tours Shows donor contributions in action

11 Why do people give through the CFC?
CFC is convenient through payroll deduction. Federal employees feel good knowing their contribution will make a difference to a charity that has been reviewed and audited. Federal employees can receive recognition from the CFC and designated charities. Protects the Federal employee from year-round, in-the-workplace solicitation by charitable agencies. Federal employee may have received help from a charity supported through the CFC. Federal employees know someone who has been helped by a charity. Federal employees want to help others. Provides greater impact, because it’s combined with contributions from other Federal employees.

12 Electronic Pledge Options
CFC NEXUS is an online E-Pledging system designed specifically for the CFC community. All employees are eligible to contribute through the CFC Nexus system. A one-time sign-in is required for all participants. To access CFC Nexus log in to our website and follow the link or go to

13 Electronic Pledge Options
CFC-EEX (Employee Express) offers employees in specific agencies the choice of making a CFC payroll deduction pledge on-line through CFC-EEX. Employee Express is a convenient, user-friendly automated system that gives employees direct control over key payroll and personnel information with out having to use forms or visit a personnel office. CFC-EEX is not mandatory for CFC pledges. CFC-EEX is another option for the Federal donor in agencies using EEX (if your agency has signed up)!

14 CFC-EEX Participating Agencies
Consumer Products Safety Commission General Servives Administration Department of Education National Archives & Records Administration Department of Interior National Credit Union Administration Department of State National Labor Relations Board Department of Transportation Nuclear Regulatory Commission Environmental Protection Agency Office of Personnel Management Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Railroad Retirement Board Federal Labor Relations Authority Securities and Exchange Commission Federal Trade Commission Social Security Administration

15 Electronic Pledge Options
The Department of Defense DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) myPay Website allows US Military personnel and their families to manage their pay information, leave and earning statements, W-2s and enter their CFC pledge amount. Each agency has a unique specific code for “Command/Unit Name”. Ask your coordinator for the code to use for “Command/Unit Name.




What is it? Universal Giving (UG) is a new donation option that permits donors to pledge to any CFC participating charity no matter where the donor or the charity is geographically located. Previously, only National, International, and Local charities in our campaign territory were available to receive donors’ contributions. Now, with Universal Giving, all Local charities in all CFC regions are accessible to donors. Thus for those donors who wish to stay involved with a favored charity or charities outside the area, they may now do so through UG. For example, if you work in the State of Pennsylvania and you want to donate to a Brooklyn, New York food pantry (and they are in the CFC), with Universal Giving, this can now be achieved. INTRODUCING… CFC UNIVERSAL GIVING

How does Universal Giving work? The list of UG charities can only be accessed online. UG charities are too numerous to be listed in the paper charity listing. If you wish to donate to a local charity outside our campaign territory, log in to any of our online giving tools at to search for the charity you want to support. Enter the charity’s five-digit code on your paper pledge form or the online donation tool of your choice: CFC Nexus, CFC Employee Express or MyPay, using your pc, phone or tablet. It’s that easy! INTRODUCING… CFC UNIVERSAL GIVING

21 Agency Coordinator Checklist
Distribute your supplies! Head up your Agency’s Kickoff event. Collect envelopes from your key workers weekly. Double check the math. Verify that the outside matches inside of envelope. Provide civilian payroll copies to YOUR payroll office. Process any electronic pledges through YOUR payroll office. Arrange delivery of envelopes to CFC office.

22 CFC 2014 – Key Worker Info Key Worker Duties Solicit for Contributions
Make 100% Contact with Employees Collect Contributions Distribute Materials and Thank-You Gifts

23 CFC Theme

24 CFC 2014 – Brochure Sample Listing
National Organization (800) EIN# This organization helps people in need % B, H, D 5-Digit Code Number Name of Agency Phone Number Website EIN#Gov’t Tax ID Description of Agency’s Services Percentage of Overhead Cost Taxonomy Code (see p.6 of brochure)

25 Signature Required for Payroll Deduction
CFC 2014 – Pledge Card Full SS or Emp # Required For Payroll Signature Required for Payroll Deduction

26 CFC 2014 – Pledge Card Review Pledge Cards for Accuracy Legibility
Donor’s Name and Contact Info Federal Agency/Dept., & Location Signature & Date Check the Math

27 CFC 2014 – Report Envelope Project Officer, Chair or Keyworker for your Campaign Your name, office address and phone number

28 CFC 2014 – Report Envelope Review Report Envelopes for Accuracy
Solicitor’s Name and Contact Info Federal Agency/Dept., & Location Date Summary of Contents Maximum of 50 Pledge Cards per Envelope

29 OPM Regulations… CFC Regulations §  prohibit the following coercive activities They include, but are not limited to: Solicitation of employees by their supervisor or by any individual in their supervisory chain of command Supervisory inquiries about whether an employee chose to participate or not to participate or the amount of an employee's donation. Supervisors may be given nothing more than summary information about the major units that they supervise. Setting of 100 % participation goals. Establishing personal dollar goals and quotas. Developing and using lists of non-contributors. Providing and using contributor lists for purposes other than the routine collection and forwarding of contributions and allotments. Using as a factor in a supervisor's performance appraisal the results of the solicitation in the supervisor's unit or organization.

30 OPM Regulations (con’t.)…
Special CFC Fundraising Events: CFC special fundraising events should be undertaken in the spirit of generating interest in the CFC and be open to all individuals without regard to whether an individual participates in the CFC. All approved special fundraising events will be counted as an undesignated contribution. Any special CFC fundraising event and prize or gift should be approved in advance by the Agency's ethics official.

31 Special Events / Fundraising Ideas
Sports Events Charge a fee to compete in Tug-of-War, Slam Dunk Contest, or Fun Run Collect pledges for Aerobic-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, or Bike-a-thon Get reduced rates, then charge normal price for Golfing, Putt-Putt, or Bowling tournaments Super Hoop – organize a basketball tournament with employee teams, then charge admission to the game.

32 Organizing a golf tournament for CFC …

33 … can provide wheelchairs to individuals who need them.

34 Special Events / Fundraising Ideas
Sales Book sales – have employees donate used books and sale them Rummage sales – employees donate items to be sold Sock sales – buy fun, colorful socks wholesale and sell them. They make great Christmas presents! Food sales – bake goods, pretzels, candy, donuts, etc. Yummy!

35 Holding a bake sale…

36 ...can provide meals to those who need a little assistance.

37 Special Events / Fundraising Ideas
Contests Baking Contest – contestants submit recipes and bake the item. Employees pay a fee to sample items and vote. Winner gets a prize. Recipes can also put together in a cookbook and sold. Ugly Tie or Hat Contest – contestants wear their ugliest tie or hat and solicit votes ($1 a vote). Person with most votes wins a prize. Lip Sync or Karaoke Contest – hold lunch time lip sync or karaoke contest. Charge an entry fee and have audience vote for best act. Give prize to the winner.

38 Holding a pumpkin carving contest …

39 … can provide winter coats to children.

40 Thank you for Leadership!
GENERAL INFO Questions/Concerns Ray Smith…….….… Director of Government Campaigns United Way of Greater Phila and Southern New Jersey Valerie Brown… x1010 Public Campaigns Development Officer Thank you for Leadership!


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