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“Give Today for a Better Tomorrow”. Strategies for Running a Fun and Enthusiastic Campaign.

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1 “Give Today for a Better Tomorrow”

2 Strategies for Running a Fun and Enthusiastic Campaign

3 Keys to a Successful Campaign Be polite at all times Encourage Key Workers to make a one-on-one ask Develop interest Learn as much as you can about how the campaign works Encourage payroll deductions View objections as opportunities Do not use coercion “Thank You”Always say “Thank You”

4 Division Coordinator Attend training and become familiar with how the campaign works Build enthusiasm Attend rallies and other CFC events Recruit Agency Coordinators Keep Agency Coordinators informed Distribute campaign materials to Agency Coordinators Audit key worker envelopes Turn over pledge cards and key worker envelopes to a Loaned Executive

5 Agency Coordinator 5 Attend training and become familiar with how the campaign works Assist in training Key Workers Explain CFC and answer questions Organize rallies and other CFC events Recruit Key Workers Distribute campaign materials to Key Workers Collect and Report Envelopes Turn in pledge cards and report envelopes

6 Key Worker Knowledgeable of the CFC process and be able to answer questions Personally contact each employee Display CFC posters, brochures, and flyers Assist employees when completing pledge cards Fill out report envelopes and maintain a copy Turn over pledge cards and other paperwork to Agency Coordinator Distribute incentive items to employees 6

7 Pledge Cards Encourage givers to round off pledge amount to the nearest dollar Patriot Giver ($150 - $500) Pacesetter Giver ($501 - $1000) Hero Giver ($1001 - $1999) Eagle Leadership Giver ($2000+) All givers receive a ribbon lapel pin Amounts should be reasonably correct

8 Pledge Cards - First Page Is all information legible? Is civilian/military box checked? Is the work phone number listed? Is name printed neatly? Pay grade is (optional) Does the “COMMAND/FEDERAL ORGANIZATION/UNIT” box list the giver’s agency, mail code, and room number? Is the agency number entered and correct?

9 Pledge Cards - First Page Is at least one agency code entered? Do the individual gifts equal the total pledged? Does the payroll deduction multiply correctly? Is appropriate box for “DONOR RECOGNITION” checked? Did the donor check a “Name Release Authorization” box?

10 Pledge Cards -Payroll Copy Did information come through? For payroll deduction, is the card signed and dated? For payroll deduction, is SS Number provided? For cash or checks, throw away payroll copy Agency Coordinators turn payroll copies into their payroll office

11 Pledge Cards - Contributor’s Copy (Pink) You should never see them Be sure that the contributor keeps this copy

12 Pledge Cards - Drawing Copy (Green) Ensure that all information transfers from cover page Make sure the drawing copy is separated at the perforated lines Include this copy with the materials in the Key Worker envelope

13 Pledge Cards - Last Page (Gold) Did information from cover page come through? Ensure that the appropriate incentive box is checked Key Worker should maintain this copy and use as tracking until incentives are received and distributed If donor does not want a gift, did he/she check the correct box to decline the gift?

14 Pledge Cards - Overview Items included with the key worker envelope: Scan copy Drawing (green) copy All cash and checks Confidential envelopes The payroll office copy (pink) should be given to the Agency Coordinator Did the key worker keep the last page (gold copy)? Did the donor keep their copy?


16 Report Envelope Ensure that the date is entered in the upper right box of the envelope Provide the Organization/Agency code Ensure that the Agency Coordinator and Division Coordinator information is entered on the envelope

17 Key Worker Envelope Ensure that copies separated by category (cash and payroll deduction) Attach a calculator tape listing donations in numerical order Ensure that the number of givers correct in each category Check the amounts and totals Check incentive to ensure that are captured Be sure to initial envelope

18 Campaign Awards Share the Care – Agency recognized for meeting their monetary goal plus having a participation level of at least 50% or 10% higher than last year’s participation rate. Soaring to New Heights – Division recognized for meeting their monetary goal and achieving a 5% increase in participation rate or more over last year’s rating by the end of the tenth week of the campaign (November 23, 2012), or an overall participation rate of 50% or more. Outstanding Volunteer Award – This award will be presented to the campaign volunteer who has done the most to make the campaign a success. Each Loaned Executive may select up to two individuals from their Division to receive this award. Nominations may be submitted by Agency Coordinators to the Loaned Executive assigned to their Division.

19 Campaign Awards Leadership Award – Division Chairs and Division Coordinators who lead their Division in meeting Division goals by the end of the official campaign period of ten weeks (November 23, 2012). CFC Chairperson Award – A Division, Agency or Individual selected by the CFC Chairman recognizing distinguished and exceptional performance or contribution to the overall success of the campaign.

20 Dates to Remember Dates to Remember August 17 - Federal Night with Atlanta Braves August 14, 15, 21, 23, 30, and September 6 - Key Worker/Agency Coordinator Training August 22 - Bus tour of non-profit agencies August 30 - Federal Night GA State Panthers Game August 28 - Leadership Brunch September 12 - Official Kickoff Celebration (SNAFC Conference Center) September 15- Federal Night GA State Panthers Game

21 Dates to Remember September 1 and 2 – Six Flags White Water September 18 - First Weekly Coordinator’s Meeting September 28 - Corporate Night at Six Flags Over Georgia October 25- Key Worker Appreciation November 23 – End of ten weeks of campaign December 6 – Victory Celebration

22 Web Site Address

23 Thank You!

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