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The New Nation Takes Form

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1 The New Nation Takes Form
Ch The New Nation Takes Form

2 The First President How many electoral college votes did Washington receive? How many votes did John Adams Receive? Henry Knox- Dept of War Alexander Hamilton- Dept of Treasury Thomas Jefferson- Dept of State. Edmund Randolph- Attorney General Chief Justice- John Jay What was done with John Adams?

3 Bill of Rights 1. Who was responsible for writing the Bill of Right?
2. Conscientious Objector was passed by Congress. T/F 3.What was the biggest omission to the Bill of Rights? 4. Amendments 1-8 deal with boundaries between state and federal Governments. T/F 5. The process of ratification took 2 years. T/F

4 Test Project You and one partner need to create a bill of Rights for Pearland High School, the bills can be on any issues you see fit, BUT must be related to the school day. You will create your bill on a piece of paper and it must be either typed or written on paper that is made to look as if it is extremely old. You will present the Bill to the class. The project is Major Test Grade. The project is due. Tuesday November 6th. Any Questions?

5 Hamilton’s Economic Policies
1790 Federal Government moved from New York to Philly. Wheat production increased due to Population in Europe and Napoleonic wars. 1793 Eli Whitney invented cotton Gin, 138,000 lbs to 35 mil in 20 yrs. What spurred the great road building project in the 1790’s? Commercial Banking becomes a big business.

6 Public Debt and Taxes Rolled Debt into Bonds that would draw interest.
How did “ Assumption” work, who did it rid of their debts? Madison vs Hamilton….. What were there issues? Who came to save the day and ease the tension of these two men? What was the final outcome? National Bank- like Bank of England. 20 Percent Govt. stock, 80% private investor. 25 directors, 5 govt appointed and 20 stock holders… rich merchants.

7 National Bank Madison tries to stop it in congress but pass 39-20, Jefferson advised Washington to Veto it under not constitutional…… Washington approved it. Stocks sold out in hours, everything was great until it crashed 3 months later…. But in the end it worked. Report of Manufactures- Get business moving, subsidize American made goods, tariff on European goods… Never passed country still set on Agriculture.

8 Whiskey Rebellion 77 million national debt had to be paid.
No general increase in import duties, or land tax on the rich. 1791 passed a 25% exercise on whiskey, paid by farmer who brought wheat to distillery, then passed on in price. Farmers took the brunt of the tax, not happy. Only received 1/3 of profit in wheat. People evaded the tax, cheated on numbers, threatened tax distributers. Govt just tightened up prosecution of tax evaders. John Neville filed tax evasion charges on 75 farmers in Pennsylvania, they ambushed him and the marshal and burned his house down.

9 Whiskey Rebellion 7k planned to march on Pittsburgh. Washington marched with 13k troops to stop rebellion. No battles or shots fired, but 20 farmers arrested on high treason, 2 convicted but pardoned. Quiz 6. Europe was supplying the US with Grain which raised demand in Europe. T/F 7. What Government agency is responsible for the production of roads? 8. James Madison Was a supporter of Hamilton’s Debt consolidation plan. T/F 9. Farmers claimed The whiskey tax was a form of oppressive taxation. T?F

10 To The West Quiz 10. General Josiah Harmar was Court marshaled for his brutality towards the Indians. T/F 11. Little Turtle and Blue Jacket gave Gen St. Clair the most demoralizing loss in the history of the American/Indian Wars. T/F 12. General Mad Anthony is the main reason for the treaty of Greenville. T/F 13. Who won the battle of Fallen Timbers? 14. Liquor was more dangerous to the Indians than the gun or tomahawk. T/F 15. The British turned their back on the Indians at Fort Miami. T/F

11 Across the Ocean French Revolution.
Guillotine, Beheading of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette… all known as the Reign of Terror. France and Britain go to war…… AGAIN…. Who do we support? Washington claims neutrality. British seize US ships in Caribbean to protest trade with France. John Jay sent to Britain to work out terms.

12 Jay Treaty Failed to address captured cargo.
British 18 month to leave Ohio Valley, but still had trade rights to fur. Also Farmers repay with interest debt to British firms for goods during revolutionary war. For all that we got limited trading in west Indies, Boundary disputes with Canada and loss claims of ship owners decided by arbitration later. Washington signs Jay Treaty… How did the public respond? What happened in Haiti? What does this due in America, especially in the south?

13 1796 John Adams becomes president, Jefferson is vice president.
XYZ affair… French mad at Jay Treaty, capture American ships. Adams sends commission to France send three unnamed men to negotiate, say 250,000 to negotiate and 12 million for peace treaty. Quasi-war not real war but fought in Caribbean, captured more than 100 French ships. Sedition Acts- Illegal to speak or write anything that defamed the president or congress. Alien Acts- alien had to wait 14 years instead of 5 for citizenship, and had to register with Govt. Could also throw any out during time of war if felt the were a danger to US, or imprison without a trial. 1800 treaty with France to have a sincere friendship.

14 Quiz 16. Who wins the election of 1800?
17. The alien and sedition acts were set in place to control what group of people? 18. XYZ stand for peoples names. T/F 19. The slaves in Haiti were the first to have a successful revolt. T/F 20. American Planters wanted reimbursement from the British for slaves lured away during the Revolution. T/F

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