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NOTES: First Presidents: Washington, Adams, & Jefferson.

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1 NOTES: First Presidents: Washington, Adams, & Jefferson

2 George Washington – 1 st President


4 What is this painting commemorating?



7 Background 1.Commander in Chief: during Revolutionary war a.Crossing the Delaware  inc in enlistment b.Valley Forge  boost soldier morale c.Yorktown  Cornwallis surrenders 2.Assisted in Constitutional Convention - elected president (1789-1797)

8 Precedents: examples to follow 1.Selects a Cabinet: leaders of executive departments a.Alexander Hamilton = secretary of the treasury b.Thomas Jefferson = sec. of state (foreign relations)

9 2. Supports National Treasury a.debt from Rev war b.federal gov wants to assume (take over) state’s debts c.Borrow/lend $ to foreign nations 3. Supports Whiskey Tax - to pay off war debt

10 4. Asserts power! – Whiskey Rebellion a.rebels close courts and attack collectors b.Washington sends troops!... 12,000 soldiers i. Gov will not tolerate armed rebellion 5. Neutrality - don’t favor 1 side (not a part of a political party) 6. Steps Down after 2 terms

11 What represents the rebels? What represents the gov’t?

12 John Adams – 2 nd President

13 Background 1. Vice President under Washington 2. Federalist – political party in favor of a strong Federal gov’t

14 Presidency 1. Britain and France @ war a. Europeans seize contraband (war materials) headed to enemy country 2. Secretary of State goes to France to negotiate 3. XYZ Affair – French agents (X,Y,Z) demand $250,000 to begin negotiations a. Adams = irritated and offended!


16 Give me your cargo!

17 4. Est. peacetime army (10,000 men) and builds Navy 5. Alien & Sedition Acts - laws intended to frighten foreigners a. Alien - Pres could deport/imprison “dangerous” aliens (foreigners) b. Sedition - Forbade people from writing/speaking out against government

18 1800 Election Results AdamsJefferson

19 Thomas Jefferson - 3 rd President

20 Background 1. Secretary of State under Washington 2. Democratic Republican – political party opposed to strong Federal gov’t Small government!

21 Presidency 1. Louisiana Purchase – buys 828,000 sq miles for $15 million a. Doubles size of nation b. Gain control of the Mississippi River

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