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NOTES: First Presidents: Washington, Adams, & Jefferson.

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1 NOTES: First Presidents: Washington, Adams, & Jefferson

2 George Washington – 1 st President


4 What is this painting commemorating?



7 Background 1.Commander in Chief: during Revolutionary war a.Crossing the Delaware  inc in enlistment b.Valley Forge  boost soldier morale c.Yorktown  Cornwallis surrenders 2.Assisted in Constitutional Convention - elected president ( )

8 Precedents: examples to follow 1.Selects a Cabinet: leaders of executive departments a.Alexander Hamilton = secretary of the treasury b.Thomas Jefferson = sec. of state (foreign relations)

9 2. Supports National Treasury a.debt from Rev war b.federal gov wants to assume (take over) state’s debts c.Borrow/lend $ to foreign nations 3. Supports Whiskey Tax - to pay off war debt

10 4. Asserts power! – Whiskey Rebellion a.rebels close courts and attack collectors b.Washington sends troops!... 12,000 soldiers i. Gov will not tolerate armed rebellion 5. Neutrality - don’t favor 1 side (not a part of a political party) 6. Steps Down after 2 terms

11 What represents the rebels? What represents the gov’t?

12 John Adams – 2 nd President

13 Background 1. Vice President under Washington 2. Federalist – political party in favor of a strong Federal gov’t

14 Presidency 1. Britain and war a. Europeans seize contraband (war materials) headed to enemy country 2. Secretary of State goes to France to negotiate 3. XYZ Affair – French agents (X,Y,Z) demand $250,000 to begin negotiations a. Adams = irritated and offended!


16 Give me your cargo!

17 4. Est. peacetime army (10,000 men) and builds Navy 5. Alien & Sedition Acts - laws intended to frighten foreigners a. Alien - Pres could deport/imprison “dangerous” aliens (foreigners) b. Sedition - Forbade people from writing/speaking out against government

18 1800 Election Results AdamsJefferson

19 Thomas Jefferson - 3 rd President

20 Background 1. Secretary of State under Washington 2. Democratic Republican – political party opposed to strong Federal gov’t Small government!

21 Presidency 1. Louisiana Purchase – buys 828,000 sq miles for $15 million a. Doubles size of nation b. Gain control of the Mississippi River

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