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Our American Presidents Washington Adams Madison Jefferson Monroe.

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1 Our American Presidents Washington Adams Madison Jefferson Monroe

2 George Washington 1787-97

3 Domestic Issues Economic depression 1.war debt owed to France 2. inflation following war

4 Native Americans Americans begin moving West into Indian territory

5 Farewell Address Foreign Policy: US should avoid getting involved in foreign wars Domestic: US shouldn’t have political parties

6 Precedents Two year term “Mr. President” President, not king

7 Foreign Policy Both sides want us to support them War between England & France

8 “Tis out true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the world Neutrality Proclamation

9 John Adams 1797-1801 Federalist

10 Domestic Issues Alien and Sedition Acts 1. President to expel any foreigner 2. Citizens could be fined for criticizing government

11 Democratic Republicans Jefferson Strict reading of Const. Political Parties Federalists Hamilton Strong federal governm’t

12 Foreign Affairs XYZ Affair France begins attacking US ships; when we objected, French agents tried blackmail:

13 “If you don’t pay France 10 million dollars, we’ll continue to attack”

14 Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809 Republican

15 Domestic Issues Marbury vs. Madison Gave the Supreme Court the power to review all laws passed by Congress

16 Louisiana Purchase Realizing the importance of the Mississippi River, Jefferson tries to buy New Orleans from France...

17 Instead, France offers him the Louisiana Territory!

18 Foreign Affairs Barbary Coast Pirates US ships in the Mediterranean were attacked by North African pirates

19 They tried to bribe us... We refused... Marines sailed to Tripoli and attacked...


21 Impressment British begin attacking our trade ships Force our soldiers into their army

22 Jefferson passes: Embargo Act Non-Intercourse Act

23 Embargo Embargo Act Forbade Americans from all trade Non-Intercourse Act Banned al trade with France and England

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