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ROAD WARRIOR QUICK START ACTION PLAN. FOLLOW THE SYSTEM OG! OG is producing the fastest and largest earnings, in this industry!

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2 FOLLOW THE SYSTEM OG! OG is producing the fastest and largest earnings, in this industry!


4 Recruitment Business package: Bronze, Silver, Gold 100 PQV (monthly consumption) Contact List Calls Presentations Closing the presentations Follow up Training

5 STEP 1 Be product of the product Consume Organo Gold coffee everyday; 4-10 boxes between you and your family per month.

6 1) Only with the gold package you have enough product to start your business in an explosive way. This is a business of SIP, SAMPLE and SHARE. The more you share, the more your business and earnings will grow. 2) Duplication: If you buy a package that is not gold, so will all your team and your profits will be much lower! 3) You don’t get paid 20% of the binary if you don’t buy the gold package... You will lose thousands of dollars in the first few months before reaching sapphire. (With Sapphire you automatically qualify for the 20% in the binary) 4) You receive immediately a limit of 2,500 usd per week in your binary. With the bronze package it is a limit of only 500 usd and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. 5) Diamonds are made ​​under pressure! With your commitment will recover your investment which will lead you to do the right actions resulting in higher income for you and your team! The company is called Organo Gold!, Not Organo bronze or silver! Why the “GOLD PACK" is the best choice!

7 1.-Sell ​​half the gold pack in the first 7 days. Approx. 29 Boxes (That's 4 boxes everyday, EASY!) 2.-Add 2 new members in your team, one on the left and one on the right in GOLD (Now you have your dual team!) 3.- Help your first two members to sign their first 2 GOLD members. With this formula you just have recovered your investment in the GOLD PACK and you still have ½ the product for SIP, SAMPLE AND SALE! How to get back your investment from GOLD PACK in 30 days?

8 Monthly consumption: 100 PQV = 6 boxes of coffee SIP, SAMPLE & SHARE To earn the money you desire, you need enough product each month To be Diamond and earn maximum you need to have a DIFFERENT COMMITMENT Be sure to make your monthly consumption order in the first week of the month.

9 STEP 2 Make your contact list Make a list of 200-500 people you will contact within the next 30-120 days. (Use the format "memory jogger in the quickstart manual") Make your prospect list and show it to your sponsor! Learn the 4 questions and practice over and over again. This makes your contact list grows constantly. Get 10 clients that will continue placing orders!! These are people who may not want to do business FOR NOW, but want to consume the coffee and one day they could become distributors.



12 ”Sales script”: Sales is the 1st way to earn money and is the only one in which the profits are daily. Get retail customers with the 'Sales Script' and put money in your wallet or purse immediately. Script: "Hi ___________. The reason I'm calling is because I just started a new business with a coffee company and I need your help. There is a leadership position that I really want, which has very good benefits, but I need to qualify promoting 28 boxes of coffee in 72 hours. Would you buy 1 or 2 or 3 boxes of coffee to help me complete my goal?

13 Script invitation to business: "Hi ___________ I’m calling you quickly. I just started a project and I have something that might interest you. I would like to invite you today at 7pm to my home to talk it. " The purpose of the call is to make an appointment and is NOT informative. The call should not last more than 60 seconds. If they ask you what it is, let them know you will respond to all of the doubts in the meeting because you don’t have time in this moment.

14 STEP 3 Organize CJM’S An Effective presentation lasts 30-40 minutes. The more simple you do a presentaiton, the more duplicable it will be for your organization. Type of presentations: 1 - One by one 2 – In your home or office in a small group 3 – Virtual or “on line” 4 - Attend weekly presentations in your city

15 STEP 3 Organize CJM’S (presentation) Organize at least 4 coffee presentations per week. Work closely with your sponsor to be with you in the first presentations Steps to an effective presentation are: Put Organo Gold music or jazz; show the video "go beyond ". Everyone has to try coffee, tea or chocolate! NEVER EVER GIVE A PRESENTATION WITHOUT EVERYBODY DRINKING COFEE, TEA OR CHOCOLATE OG. Put the video "From the ground to the cup 2". Talk about why you are invovled with Organo Gold Share some stories using the GOLD MAGAZINE. Show the official presentation flip chart of Organo Gold. Give a very simple compensation plan or show the comp plan with the dvd from Holton Buggs. Optional: show "the top mlm" and “facts from Organo Gold "

16 Closing a meeting: 1 - Always bring applications 3 possible reactions your prospect after watching the presentation 1)I want to be OG member immediately. Help them to purchase a PACK, preferably GOLD PACK. 2) I need more information. In this case you offer them a GOLD magazine, several packets of coffee, some web pages and information on USB. Follow up in the next 48 hours. 3) No thanks, I'm not interested but I would like to try the coffee. In this case, sell them some coffee or tea and always follow up later.

17 STEP 4 Make an ‘18 month’ commitment! CONNECT WITH THE SYSTEM: Sign up in and System trainings…you must ATTEND THEM ALL. 1 - National and International company events. 2 - Super Saturday near your city organized by your leaders. CJM's Weekly (presentations) by your team leaders... 3 - Sundays 10:30 pm Call Millionaire mentorship (OG University) Recorded for nigeria

18 DEFINE YOUR "WHY" Write it down in present. Keep it visible for you all the time. Read it out loud every morning and every night. Never forget your "why“ because it’s the engine behind your actions. Why are you doing Organo gold?

19 WORKING ON YOUR BELIEF Think that Organo Gold is the best opportunity for you. Believe in the product. Believe in the compensation plan. Create and follow the system. Believe in the leadership of the company. Believe in yourself and believe that you can have success in Organo Gold.

20 COMMITMENT What price are you willing to pay to achieve your dreams? All businesses take an investment in time and money Make it to yourself these questions... How many hours a week you are committed to work in your business? Are you willing to have less free time? Are you willing to turn off your tv? Are you willing to work on weekends? Are you willing to be teachable? Are you willing to buy the right stuff?

21 DECISION Make a decision to be successful with Organo Gold Overcome your obstacles and do not give up! Winners find opportunities where VICTIMS only find excuses. You decide, you're a winner or a victim? Positive mental attitude!

22 SET YOUR GOALS Put realistic dates for achieving your goals, and if you succeed, great!, If you do not succeed... Reset the dates and continues moving forward.


24 The most important activities that you need to know from the compensation plan is to place people with "gold pack" on your left and your right of your dual team AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN CORRECT AUTOSHIP! Right, left, right, left... Do not put people on the inside legs. All your profits are the result of this activity. Compensation Plan: BUILD SMART LEFT RIGHT YOU

25 Sponsoring on the way to Diamond Those 2-4 “GO FOR ALL” people,with your support, will multiply into thousands of distributors creating your Diamond!!

26 In the month that you buy your initial package, you’re qualified and you don’t need to buy more product. In the second month and the following months you in order to retain your “up to” 20% (GOLD) or 15% (SILVER) must buy 100 PQV (Personal qualification volume). You can buy it any day of the month, however, is always best buy between the 1st and 15th of each month! When you reach Ruby, your monthly requirement is 200 PQV. REMEMBER THIS IS THE MINIMUM. Monthly Maintenance Requirements

27 Purchase GOLD PACK OR SILVER THE FIRST MONTH. * The next month after qualifying for silver or gold have to keep 100 PQV to maintain 20% of the binary, if you don’t it will lower to 15%. * In the 3rd month after qualifying in gold, you have to keep 100 PQV also have a personally sponsored on your left person and personally sponsored on your right, both with minimum orders 50PQV (they do not have to buy a pack) if you don’t it will low as 15%. THIS IS YOUR “DUAL TEAM" * Each month you are qualified sapphire or more you automatically qualify for the “up to” 20% of the dual team. Monthly requirements of being 'consultant'

28 Checklist for your first 48 hours ______ Buy a box of black and a latte from your sponsor (distributor price). ______ Define and write your Why? ______ Make a commitment to purchase your min 100 points monthy consumption in the first week of every month ______ Make your contact list of 100 to 500 people. ______ Learn the ‘4 steps and 4 questions '. ______ Get minimum 10 clients with the 'Sales Script'. ______ Listen the 'Cashcow' from Mr. Holton Buggs (English). ______ Begin reading the book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. ______ Buy your tools.* (material) ______ Connect to Facebook groups. Organogoldnigeria ______ Signup for and ______ Enter your back-office (virtual Office) and learn how to use it ______ Organize your 1st coffee meeting (Recruit your dual team).

29 The best thing to do is be “product of the product” and have your own testimony. "Google" ganoderma 2,000,000 PAGES ON GOOGLE. "Youtube" ganoderma Visit (more than 1200 scientific studies only on pubmed) Learn about the incredible Benefits of ganoderma

30 The backoffice is where you control all your business... Buy product Register your autoship Check your volume per hour Enter new distributors Monitor the volume of all your team View your weekly and monthly earnings Check who has purchased their monthly RATING Access to many reports See many historical data Your virtual office Be sure to ask your sponsor for a complete training on the back Office! However it is your responsibility to get to know your backoffice with your ID and username and do a guided tour to try to understand and know the valuable tools offered by your virtual office!

31 *Tools that you must have for duplicate!! Tools: _____ Quick Start Manual (Duplicate it with your team) _____ Printed OG Presentation "FLIP-CHART" _____ Magazines: "Gold Magazine” _____ "Cash Cow" Holton Buggs (Spanish and English) _____ DVD / Video "From the ground to the cup 2" _____ Book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill _____ Product brochure _____ Your own business cards ADDITIONAL handouts Top 10 MLM earners Organo Gold Facts How to do a presentation The OG system

32 Recommended Books and Links: Book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill Book "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles Book "How to Win Friends and influence others" by Dale Carnegie Book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki Book "Business School" by Robert Kiyosaki Book "The Red Island multilevel tree" Mario Rodriguez Audio "Building Your Network Marketing" with Jim Rohn Audio book "The Next Millionaires" by Paul Zane Pilzer Video "The coffee that pays” or Holton Buggs (You tube) Link Link

33 ARE YOU READY TO BE AN OG DIAMOND? Do You want to be in front of the wave of success? Or behind the wave of success?

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