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English version 1.0 © Unaico 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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1 English version 1.0 © Unaico All Rights Reserved.

2 2 What Unaico does is this.. Online Community Unaico combining 3 of the largest industries..... Traditional marketing ”The first company that use all this channels” Direkt selling Online Community © Unaico All Rights Reserved.

3 History – Why a community? © Unaico All Rights Reserved. Sitetalk ( pre-registered by the end of 2009) Opened 16 January Growing with 2000 new registrations per day. Aiming for 10 million users by the end of Facebook (400 million active users) Facebook has investors including PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Accel Partners, and Greylock Partners. In 2007 Microsoft jumped in and invested $246 million for a 1.6% share. Twitter (54.7 million unique visitors in one month) Twitter, based in San Francisco, according to most analysts the fastest growing social network. Microblogging service - which allows people to send out short 140-character messages. ”Today: 30% of the world’s population is online”

4 Why SiteTalk? - Integrated webshop - Internet based education - Entertainment, eg. music, movies, dating & games - Loyalty program for the users, ”What's in it for me?” The first community to give members real rewards on organizational sales Connecting cultures, values and business Globally © Unaico All Rights Reserved. 4

5 5 Business model © Unaico All Rights Reserved. Investments Travel Educations Entertainment Webshop Online bank

6 – Social advertisement AdClicks - Social advertisement © Unaico All Rights Reserved. Online marketing Network marketing Traditional marketing “the first community to combine all above channels” 6

7 Members buy adclicks Company’s global advertisement pool SiteTalk get new members New members is split by old members that has adclicks Italy China USA India Sweden adclicks – How it works Global marketing Brand building Reach new markets Reach new members Reach new customers Gain all members that have adclicks Easier to talk about Open 24 hours all days in the week Advantages with You

8 Management ”Over a hundred years experience in the Direct Selling Industry” © Unaico All Rights Reserved. Offices in Asia Hong Kong Singapore in Q Offices in Europe Germany Great Britain President Dan Andersson 8

9 9 BRONZE MEMBER = € 500 (Hobby business) - Earn money when you talk to your friends - Take a part of the company's advertising campaigns (AdClicks) - Share holder GOLD MEMBER = € 2000 (Serious business) - Earn money when you talk to your friends - Take a part of the company's advertising campaigns (AdClicks) - Share holder MEMBER = € Earn money when you talk to your friends FREE MEMBER - SiteTalk user - Premium customer in the virtual stores on SiteTalk (SiteTalk partners) Membership © Unaico All Rights Reserved. 9

10 10 Member Package (149 BV) Towah MasterCard Prepaid card backoffice Price: €149 Business Packages

11 Bronze package (500 BV) Towah MasterCard Prepaid card backoffice E-books x 15 (value €300) AdClicks x 10,000 (value €0.05 per click) Shares at a value of €125 €50 on Mandatory Account Price: €500 © Unaico All Rights Reserved. 11 Business Packages

12 Gold package (2,000 BV) © Unaico All Rights Reserved. Towah MasterCard Prepaid card Holiday-Plus 1 year backoffice E-books x 60 (value €1,200) AdClicks x 40,000 (value €0.05 per click) Shares at a value of €1,250 €250 on Mandatory Account Price: €2, Business Packages

13 Internal Share Market © Unaico All Rights Reserved. The Stock Market is affected by: New members joining Unaico. Commissions paid. I-Investor Club profit Turnover (profit) generated through Members purchases of all products and services available on our website. 49% has been set aside for the field leadership and individual investors. Aiming to have on public stockmarket at 2012! If every member has a value of 25€ and we have 100 million free members in 2012, what will the value of your shares be?

14 14 10% Binary team bonus in lesser leg 10% Personal referral bonus Stock market Dividend and increasing value Matching bonus 2-5% (7 levels) 4 ways of earning money Business opportunity © Unaico All Rights Reserved.

15 Binary Team Bonus 10% bonus is paid on the commissionable volume (calculated from BV into €) in the lesser leg every week. Business Opportunity €2000 You Left TeamRight Team €2000 E.g. Lesser leg volume = € Commission of 10% = € 600 © Unaico All Rights Reserved. CAP Member Bronze Gold € / Week € 500 € €12.500

16 16 Matching bonus is based only on binary income. (Not on other members Personal referral bonus and Matching bonus) Total Level 3% 2% 3% 2% 5% 2% 3% 2% 5% 2% 3% 2% 5% 2% 3% 10 %20 %15 %25 % Matching bonus is paid on products and services in your entire organization. Direct sponsored members Matching bonus © Unaico All Rights Reserved. Business Opportunity

17 Unaico Lifestyle Awards From Director Position you will get a brand new Rolex. Car Bonus Program At the top position a house in Thailand via Business Opportunity © Unaico All Rights Reserved. Ask your sponsor or up line for support to set and reach goals.

18 Be a member today! Your road to success with Unaico? 1. Decision – Register NOW online 2. Why? – Set goals (Dreams) 3. Name list (at least 100). Start with > 15 names 4. Contact people – meetings/online-presentations 5. Talk about the opportunity – Send your link to people 6. Participate in trainings and Events. Have fun!!! © Unaico All Rights Reserved. 18

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