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Agenda: Warm-up: Party exercise Review “By the People” Go over Guided Reading Core 1 – Hand back and look at a model FANBOYS Independent Reading THURSDAY,

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1 Agenda: Warm-up: Party exercise Review “By the People” Go over Guided Reading Core 1 – Hand back and look at a model FANBOYS Independent Reading THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13 TH HW: STUDY! QUIZ TOMORROW! WORLD CONNECTIONS PRESENTATIONS TOMORROW

2 A Message from Ms. Mullen: When you feel stupid, you are learning! When you feel smart, you’re not learning.

3 WARM-UP: John Holland’s SDS Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional

4 Party Exercise From What Color is Your Parachute? 1997

5 “By the River” Essential Questions Why does Siddhartha want to kill himself? Why does he change his mind? What understanding does he reach at the end of the chapter? Is life linear? Is time a real thing? Does it help us or hurt us?

6 Why does Siddhartha want to kill himself? Why does he change his mind? “Om,” he pronounced inwardly, and he was conscious of Brahman, of the indestructibleness of life; he had remembered all that he had forgotten, all that was divine. Even after all this, “Om” is more powerful than the wretchedness of his years amongst the people (Kamala and Kamaswami’s town). His desire to “destroy his body” was childish. Then what does he do?

7 By the River He sleeps a restorative sleep and awakens to Govinda! Siddhartha lectures Govinda saying, “The wheel of appearances revolves quickly, Govinda. Where is Siddhartha the Brahmin, where is Siddhartha the Samana, where is Siddhartha the rich man? The transitory soon changes, Govinda. You know that” (94).

8 By the River As Govinda walks away, Siddhartha realizes that he is suddenly able to _______. He thought he was incapable of it! He realized also that he has exchanged his original possessions of power and strength (_____, _____, and _____) for riches and pleasures, wretched transitory things. He became an ________ person.

9 Guided Reading 4. “Is it not true, that slowly and through many deviations I changed from a _man____ into a ________child_______? From a ______thinker_ into an ____ordinary person__________? And yet this path has been good and the bird in my breast has not died. What a path it has been!” (96). 5. “I had to experience ___despair_________. I had to sink to the greatest _____mental depths________, to thoughts of _____suicide___, in order to experience _____grace_____, to hear ______Om__ again, to sleep deeply again and to awaken refreshed again” (97). 6. Siddhartha wonders where his immense feeling of happiness comes from. What does he discover? “The bird, the clear spring and voice inside him was still alive –that is why he rejoiced, that is why he laughed, that was why his face was radiant under his gray hair” (98).

10 By the River He says to himself, “Things are going backwards with you, he said to himself and laughed, and as he said it, his glance lighted on the river, and he saw the river also flowing continuously backwards, singing merrily. That pleased him immensely; he smiled cheerfully at the river. Was this not the river in which he once wished to drown himself –hundreds of years ago- or had he dreamt it?” (96).

11 By the River 7. “Now I know it not only with my intellect, but with my ___eyes______, with my _heart_______, with my _stomach_____.” Turn to page 99. What has died in Siddhartha? (#8) “his small, fearful and proud Self”

12 Core 1 Model Read the essay and write one thing that impresses you. If this is an A, what grade do you think you earn?

13 There is something good about each essay. I’m sorry if it looks like more criticism. Please write the sentence you’re the most proud of on a small piece of paper for me.

14 Core 1 Constructive Feedback Your introductions and conclusions need the most work. Many conclusions practically shouted, “thank goodness! I can go to sleep now!”. Some thesis statements were obvious; therefore, the paper is not interesting to write. This is obvious to the reader. Many of you wrote about really great ideas that did not directly connect to the thesis. Maybe you can explain how they connect, but you need to explain that in the essay Between now and January, you’re going to need to learn how to punctuate in-text citations properly. Should I create a quiz? Shame on those that cited Wikipedia. You know better! Make this the last time you even consider citing Wikipedia on an academic project. I brought you to the library and printed out sources and handed them to you!! They were excellent and academic sources. Few of you used them! 

15 In the words of a wise English teacher… “Writing a beautiful, clear, concise sentence is cruelly hard and well worth the discipline—it’s a moral good.”

16 FANBOYS! What are they?

17 Simple Sentence or Independent Clause Ingredients: ◦Subject ◦Verb ◦Completes a thought ◦An independent clause has a thing, an action, and it says something.

18 Compound Sentence Ingredients: ◦Two independent clauses ◦one coordinating conjunction  FANBOYS

19 FANBOYS For And Nor But Or Yet So

20 Relationship Expressed For, so = cause and effect relationship And = joins things or ideas that are alike; implies continuation of a thought But, yet = shows a contrasting relationship Or = indicates a choice between things or ideas Nor = continues a negative thought

21 Is this correct? I went to the store, but I saw my teacher. I hate algebra, so I love my math teacher. I hate waking up early, yet I am always on time to class.

22 Mistake: No comma in a compound sentence The right thing to do: use a comma and a coordinating conjunctions to join two independent clauses. Conjunctions are connectors that link EQUAL words, phrases, or clauses. They cue readers in on the relationship between ideas.

23 Compound Sentences for and nor but or yet so Simple Sentence,

24 Some Examples Every day was a happy day, and every night was peaceful. Celia says you’re in shock, but I think you’re just lazy. You can pick you’re friends, but you’re stuck with family.

25 Where’s the Mistake? Hiccup leapt out of the way, but the sharp point of the blade pierced his shirt and tore a neat slice out of it. I ate an espresso chocolate peanut butter brownie, and that’s when everything changed. Ms. Mullen, I wrote my log, but I didn’t print it out. Camp can be hot and tiring, but full of ridiculously fun activities.

26 Where’s the Mistake? I am trying to break free, but my shoe is stuck to the glue. I brush my teeth in the morning, and I brush my teeth and floss at night. My cat growls when I walk through the door, but cuddles during thunder storms. Many students try to identify simple, compound, and complex sentences by looking at the complexity of ideas, but that is just a common mistake.

27 Complex Sentences Ingredients: ◦Independent clause ◦One or more dependent clauses ◦Subordinator  because, since, after, when, although, and many others ◦Relative pronoun  that, who, which Sara and Katelyn made dinner for their mom after they finished their homework. The doctor that took care of me last year is one of the best.

28 Your Turn! Write a compound sentence with a properly placed comma. Write your name on the slip

29 Independent Reading Time! Shhhhh Building your ability to pay attention is one of your most important jobs.

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