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Death and struggle The Holocaust By: Steven Nosco.

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1 Death and struggle The Holocaust By: Steven Nosco

2 Who? Many people were apart of the holocaust. Some of these people included Jews, Nazis, most Europeans, USA and many other groups of people.

3 What? The holocaust was the killing of many people who Germans (The Aryan race to be specific) thought were inferior to them. Jews were the main group of people who were killed however they were not the only ones.

4 Death of others Over 11 million people were killed in the holocaust. Over 6 million were Jews but the other 5 million included Communist, homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses and the physically, mentally disabled.

5 People Who Fled Albert Einstein was one of the millions of Germans who tried to flee Germany. He was one of the handful of people allowed into the USA. 101af2c.jpg

6 St. Louis The Ocean liner (St. Louis) left Germany with 900 Jewish refugees in 1939. However when it reached it destination of Cuba only 22 were allowed to stay. The rest were shipped back to Germany were later almost 600 died in the holocaust.

7 When did this take place? The horrible treatment of Jewish people and non followers of Hitler started as soon as he was elected(1933). However to many people the Holocaust truly started November 9, 1938. This was the “Night of the Broken Glass”.

8 “Night of the Broken Glass” This occurred after a Jewish refugee killed a German Diplomat in Paris. After this happened Nazi officials ordered the destruction of synagogues and Jewish- owned businesses.

9 Why? At the time many people hated Jews and had have hated Jews for a long time. Acts of anti- Semitism can be traced back to Ancient Roman times.

10 How? After the deep depression Germans were desperate for food, Money and jobs. Hitler promised people these things and rallied them together with the common enemy Jews.

11 How? So with many peoples pre-hatred for the Jews it was easy to make them a scapegoat. So by blaming the Jews the Germans had no concern for them or what Hitler’s plans for them.

12 Significance to WWII? The hate for Jews is one of the main reasons why Hitler rose to power in Germany. With the common dislike of Jews he was able to rally the country of Germany( and parts of Europe) under a common enemy.

13 Significance to WWII? The holocaust was not the solo reason WWII started. Soviet Russia knew about the treatment of un-Aryan race long before USA and show no concern.

14 Bibliography Gottfried, Ted. Deniers of the holocaust. Brookfield: Twenty-first century books,2001. Lapsansky-Werner, Emma J., Peter B. Levy., Randy Roberts, and Alan Taylor. United states History. Boston: Prentice Hall, 2008. ocaust/timeline.html

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