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Chapter 11 Section 4 The Holocaust.

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1 Chapter 11 Section 4 The Holocaust

2 Review D-Day The Battle of the Bulge Manhattan Project V-E and V-J day

3 So………. How did the Holocaust develop and what were the results

4 Vocabulary People and Terms Definitions Holocaust Anti-Semitism
Nuremburg laws Kristallnacht

5 Vocabulary cont. People and Terms Definitions Genocide
Concentration camp Death camp War Refugee Board

6 Roots of the Holocaust Holocaust Racist Nazi ideology
The Nazi attempt to kill all Jews under their control Racist Nazi ideology Aryans White gentiles superior to other people Mass murders Jews and other “undesirables”

7 Hitler Preaches Hate Anti-Semitism
an attitude or policy of hatred and hostility toward Jewish people Reasons Hitler and others blamed Jews Communism Inflation Economic troubles Political troubles Social troubles

8 Nazis Begin the Persecution
1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor Economic persecution Boycott Jewish-owned businesses, barred Jews from civil service jobs, banking, law, journalism, medicine, etc. 1935 Legal persecution Nuremburg Laws Denied German citizenship to Jews Banned marriage between Jews ands non-Jews Segregated Jews at every level of society

9 Violence Erupts on Kristallnacht
Krisallnacht “Night of the Broken Glass” November 9, 1938 Jewish refugee kills a German diplomat in Paris Nazi officials ordered attacks on Jews in Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland Destruction 1,500 Synagogues and 7,500 Jewish owned businesses 200 Jews killed, 600 others injured, and thousands arrested

10 Jewish Refugees Face Obstacles
Between 1933 and 1937 129,000 Jews fled Germany and other Nazi controlled Austria Other countries U.S. was dealing with the Great Depression Barred Jews from entering 1939 Cuba Ocean liner St. Louis departed Germany for Cuba with 900 Jewish refugees Only 22 received permission to stay

11 Nazis Adopt the “Final Solution”
Since 1933 Nazis had denied Jewish people citizenship and committed acts of brutality “Final Solution to the Jewish question” Systematic extermination of all Jews living in the regions controlled by the Third Reich Genocide Willful annihilation of racial, political, or cultural group

12 Nazis Build Concentration Camps
1933 first concentration camp opens Members of specially designated groups were confined Concentration camps in theory Designed to turn people into “useful members” of the Third Reich Imprisoned labor leaders, scientists, communists, and anyone who spoke out against Hitler Concentration camps in actuality Tortured and killed prisoners

13 Millions Are Murdered in Death Camps
When Germany invaded Poland and Soviet Union Took control of areas highly populated with Jewish people January 1942 Leaders decide to carry out “Final Solution” plan Outlined a plan to exterminate about 11,000,000 Jews Death camps Places where prisoners were systematically exterminated By 1945 about 6 million European Jews are killed as well as 5 million other non- Jewish prisoners

14 The Allies and the Holocaust
Could the Holocaust been prevented? Could nations such as Britain, France and the United States have intervened at some point and stopped the slaughter of millions of innocent people?

15 Early Response Was Weak
Factors leading to barring of Jewish immigrants Anti-Semitism Apathy The Great Depression Underestimated Hitler’s genocidal plans

16 American Government Takes Action
April 1943 British and American officials host Bermuda conference Discuss possibility of rescuing the surviving Jewish refugees from Europe 1944 War Refugee Board Worked with the Red Cross to save thousands of Eastern European Jews

17 Allied Soldiers Liberate the Camps
What Allied soldiers saw Piles of dead bodies, warehouses full of human hair, ashes of crematoriums, half-dead survivors 1948 Independent Jewish homeland State of Israel created as a new nation President Truman instantly recognizes the new Jewish state

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