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Working together to build incremental sales and lock in customer loyalty September 25, 2001.

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1 working together to build incremental sales and lock in customer loyalty September 25, 2001

2 PurchasEdge is a loyalty program designed to reward end-user customers for purchasing HP LaserJet and Inkjet printing supplies. For every qualified purchase they make, they earn PurchasEdge points that they can redeem for free HP products, including LaserJet and Deskjet printers, scanners and digital cameras. To truly benefit from PurchasEdge, end-user customers should purchase at least $5,000 annually in HP LaserJet and/or Inkjet printing supplies. Introduction

3 Reseller Benefits What PurchasEdge does for you: Helps lock in long-term loyalty with your best customers Provides you with incremental HP LaserJet and Inkjet supplies volume and maintenance service contract opportunities when members redeem points for free printers - currently 77% of all redemptions Does not impact your supplies pricing from HP Helps standardize your customers on HP LaserJet and Inkjet print cartridges Supplements your marketing efforts

4 End-User Customer Benefits What PurchasEdge does for your end-user customers: Awards them points for buying HP LaserJet and Inkjet print cartridges that they can redeem for free HP products Provides the PurchasEdge Insider, a free monthly e-newsletter, which includes information on new HP products, special promotions, and printing tips Gives them access to the PurchasEdge Web site, where they will find informative articles and program news, as well as their account information, so they can track their point totals, redeem their points for free products, and more

5 l How PurchasEdge Works To earn points, PurchasEdge members submit copies of their invoices or usage reports showing HP LaserJet and/or Inkjet print cartridge purchases. Via Fax: 1-888-264-6598 Via Mail: PurchasEdge Support Center P.O. Box 627 Orchard Park, NY 14127-0627 Resellers may submit usage reports on behalf of their customers, but are under no obligation to do so. Members are awarded one point for every $4 worth of qualifying purchases; approximately 105 SKUs qualify for points. Points are then redeemed for free HP products, which are then shipped to the member free of charge via UPS.

6 Required Information Invoices and/or usage reports must include: Invoice or usage report number Order dates SKU number for each HP item Quantity of each SKU ordered Price of each SKU Invoices and/or usage reports missing any of these items will not be processed.

7 Information Usage Your customer data is safe. All member information submitted to PurchasEdge will be used in accordance with HP’s privacy statement: PurchasEdge is channel neutral, and will not supply personally identifying information for PurchasEdge members to any competing channel.

8 Put PurchasEdge to Work for You 1. Determine which end-user customers will benefit from membership in PurchasEdge. 2. Request end-user brochures by calling the PurchasEdge Support Center at 800-879-6633. 3. Distribute brochures and encourage your customers to enroll in the program. 4. If you choose, you may enroll customers directly by calling the 800 number above, and may also submit usage reports on their behalf.

9 Act Today! PurchasEdge is offering resellers a special limited-time incentive to enroll and support their end-user customers. From October 1 through December 31, 2001, resellers will earn a $25 American Express Gift Cheque (as good as cash!) for each new end-user customer they enroll whom submits invoices or usage reports. Limit of ten gift Gift Cheques per reseller rep. Complete details available October 1 at:

10 Incentive Participation To earn your $25 American Express Gift Cheques: 1. Enroll your qualifying end-user customers between October 1 and December 31, 2001, by calling 800-879-6633. 2. Ensure PurchasEdge has your contact information so you receive your rewards. 3. Encourage your customers to submit invoices to PurchasEdge OR submit usage reports on their behalf. 4. Gift Cheques will be mailed two to three weeks following receipt of qualifying invoices or usage reports.

11 We’re Here to Help! Reseller Web Site: Includes self-paced training module! Reseller Hotline: 1-800-879-6633 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday E-Mail:

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