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ELITE Locksmith Program Program to Aid Locksmiths in Building Their Business.

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1 ELITE Locksmith Program Program to Aid Locksmiths in Building Their Business

2 Why Locksmiths? Redefining Our Commitment to Locksmiths -Programs and support to grow your businesses: Right Products for the Right Place Special REWARDS Programs Increase Profitability by Meeting Customer Needs COMMITTED TO CREATING DEMAND AND GROWING YOUR BUSINESS STANLEY Security supports the growth of our customer’s businesses. We are developing a variety of programs and resources to help our customers differentiate their STANLEY Security offering, through our reputation, dedication to security, product quality and best-in-class customer service.

3 What is the ELITE Locksmith Program Formalized program that engages top locksmiths in each US city/region Delivers value added incentives for their growth including: -Business development funds -Discounts on tools and accessories -Marketing tools & logo’d materials -Tiered discount programs Requires up front purchase into the program via load in order Requires loyalty to STANLEY products

4 Locksmith Program TARGET: 30,000+ Independent Commercial US Locksmiths (5,000 Locksmith Businesses) GOAL: 2014: Launch an immediate engagement program to pull end-users through distribution partners to increase SMS product sales; 2015: GROW PROGRAM CALL TO ACTION: Drive locksmiths to distribution to stock up on SMS products -> Move inventory at distribution - > Reorder & restock MESSAGE: GETTING WHAT YOU NEED IS EASY: Now have immediate access to all STANLEY product -Lock in Rewards Program -Support Wounded Warrior Project

5 Rebates & Special Pricing Free Professional Training Business Development Funds ELITE Locksmith Program Target: Leading National Commercial Locksmiths Messaging: Excellent Return on an Exceptional Investment Quality and reliability you can trust Heritage of American Craftsmanship Exclusive Partnership includes SMS BASIC Locksmith Program PLUS MUCH MORE

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9 Charitable giving to Wounded Warrior Project ® 9 STANLEY Security is committed to giving back $100,000 in 2015

10 Benefits of an ELITE Locksmith 2014

11 11 recurring order in 2015. keying tools ordered in 2015.

12 12 2015 ELITE Locksmith Rebates & Special Pricing For Program Participants, after initial load in order: FIRST ORDER REQUIREMENTS: -$1000: Get Back $75 REBATE Plus, receive $100 marketing tools -$2000: Get Back $200 REBATE Plus, receive $100 marketing tools -$5000: Get Back $600 REBATE Plus, receive $1000 marketing tools Any and all 2015 recurring orders: Receive 5% rebate back in cash on any additional STANLEY SECURITY PRODUCT orders Special discount pricing on keying tools (no max qty.): 20% Off Available on anywhere STANLEY Security products are sold.

13 13 2015 ELITE Locksmith Advanced Training Free access to all STANLEY University training classes Courses in master keying, configuration, installation and more Professional training from STANLEY University will increase your skills and marketability as your customers see credentials from a brand they know and trust Available Business Development Funds to offset travel costs Certificates and additional benefits provided upon completion

14 14 2015 ELITE Locksmith Business/Marketing Development Funds (MDF) ELITE members can earn marketing development funds work 2% of annual purchases (up to $200) Use to offset costs, including: -Marketing Tools -Membership Fees -Member Events -STANLEY Training -Business marketing costs (merchandise, product samples, vehicle signage, uniforms, business forms/systems, etc. – must include STANLEY logo

15 Upon enrolling (min. load in order), participants will receive: ELITE T-Shirt: 2* WWP Vehicle Decals: 5*  All materials will tie into Wounded Warrior Campaign Other Stuff… New ELITE Website!!! eNewsletter – quarterly publication – highlighting new program ops, celebrate participant stories, new product offerings, etc. 15 2015 ELITE Locksmith Freebies & Prospect Generation

16 How to Become a 2015 ELITE STANLEY Locksmith Minimum initial order placed (see slide 12) qualifies Locksmith for the ELITE program Applies to ALL STANLEY Security Products: BEST, PRECISION, STCH, Hinges Requires Locksmith to attend a minimum of 1 free advanced STANLEY product training class (in Indianapolis, or at Dealer Branch) Available on all purchases throughout entire 2015 year Submit proof of purchase to marketing: 1.Marketing will review & approve submission 2.Marketing will f/u with Sales Rep on status & will e-mail Locksmith a congratulatory communication (within 5 business days of receiving proof of purchase) 3.Communication will include full program details, legal terms and conditions, ELITE Program Entry Form, and W-9 request form Program Entry Form full name, company, contact info, copies of dealer invoices, optional marketing tools, total pay outs to-date, pay out dates, and additional qualifying rebates 4.Marketing will provide Finance with quarterly Rebate & MDF pay-out totals 5.Finance to cut REBATE & MDF checks direct to Locksmiths on a quarterly basis 16

17 Follow Up with ELITE Locksmith ELITE Rebate checks will be sent to SMS Sales rep for distribution to Locksmith! Locksmith is now part of SMS regular call schedule. Detailed training on product lines is conducted on a regular basis Invitations to special events at WA wholesale accounts to continue engagement Track via SFDC Continued program expansion through 2017…and beyond!

18 Process for becoming an ELITE Locksmith 18 Locksmith Identified Minimum orders attained through any STANLEY Security: Wholesale Map: Minimum orders attained through any STANLEY Security: Wholesale Map: Locksmith to e-mail Proof of Purchases (dealer invoice) to: Locksmith to e-mail Proof of Purchases (dealer invoice) to: No Additional Administrative Work Required of Sales Team Sales to F/U with new ELITE Locksmith on a regular basis to discuss new program opportunities and products Channel Marketing to Review & Enroll Locksmith in Program

19 Wrap Up FOCUS ON INTRODUCING PROGRAM TO LEADING US LOCKSMITHS IN YOUR AREA All materials are on the STANLEY Resource Center. Please use them. Make sure you have all other materials for Locksmith meetings -ELITE Brochure, samples, price books, cut sheets, etc. SMS Team should enter these Locksmiths into SFDC as an Account with the account type of Locksmith. -We will be tracking our activity and opportunities via SFDC. -We will be tracking their specific Stanley purchases through our WA channel partners.

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