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The Pilgrims and Wampanoags

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1 The Pilgrims and Wampanoags
By Mrs. Blanchette’s Third Grade Students

2 The Mayflower The Mayflower sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in about 66 days. The Mayflower had 102 passengers on the boat and 103 when they landed because one baby was born.

3 On the Mayflower you would have to eat pork, hardtack ,dry biscuits , cheese and butter. To drink you would have to drink beer and water. But the water was not good for you because it came from the ocean and the ocean water was unsafe because it had to much salt. So they usually drank beer. On the Mayflower YOU would only be able to bring a few things like a doll, some toys and clothes.

4 Pilgrim Ships The Speedwell was the ship that sailed next to the Mayflower. Thee Speedwell had to sail back to England TWICE! Because of its non-stop leaks. The speedwell was built in the Netherlands

5 The Mayflower was a wooden ship and 90 feet long
The Mayflower was a wooden ship and 90 feet long. It also had three masts. On the Mayflower’s journey a man named John Howland fell overboard but the sailors rescued him. The Mayflower went back to England two times after the Speedwell had a bad leak.

6 The First Thanksgiving
On the first Thanksgiving they did not have mashed potatoes. The pilgrims ate with their hands.

7 The wampanoag people taught the settlers how to make corn
The wampanoag people taught the settlers how to make corn. The settlers used corn to make corn bread.

8 Pilgrim Entertainment
Pilgrims made soap to keep themselves clean, kitchen tools, and clothing Pilgrims would spin wool from their sheep or use the cotton they grew and dyed it using berries, logs, and roots from nature.

9 A doll was called a poppet and hand made by the Pilgrims.
Tic –tac –toe was called Naughts and Crosses and Checkers was called Daughts.

10 Wampanoags The chief’s headdress was made of feathers and beads and a headband. Deer skin was the main fabric used in Clothes. Sometimes the Wampanoag used moose for heavier garments.

11 A builder first puts the plans of how to build the wigwam on the ground so it will be easier to make the wigwam. Wigwams average in size from 7 to 20 feet in diameter.

12 Wampanoag and Pilgrim Houses
Wigwams were built to be move easily. Women built the wigwams because the men were hunting.

13 Pilgrims weaved thin sticks between posts to make their walls.
Kids and women covered the house with clay called daub then they covered the daub with Spit oak clapboards.

14 Pilgrims and Wampanoag Houses and Squanto
Wampanoag people used cattails and bark to cover their houses. Pilgrims used grass to cover their houses so they will not get hurt from storms that easy.

15 Squanto taught the Pilgrims to plant corn when the leaves on the trees were the size of a squirrel’s ear. Squanto was tricked into getting on a ship twice and ended up in England and Spain.

16 Pilgrim children The boys and girls wore gowns until they were 6 or 7.
The girls and boys would play marbles, kites, jump rope and hide and seek.

17 Pilgrim girls started to knit at the age of 4
Pilgrim’s made clothes out of linen and wool. Pilgrim girls started to k

18 Wampanoag Wetu Wampanoags build their houses in the spring. It was easier for the Wampanoags to build their houses in the spring.

19 Wetus have a hole on their roof called a smoke hole .
Wetus have animal skin hanging as a door.

20 The Wigwam The most common type an Indian home is a wigwam.
In the center of a wigwam there is a circle of rocks where they would have a fire that would give light, heat and a place to cook.

21 The frame of a wigwam is made out of bent over saplings.
Wigwams are a type of shelter.

22 The Longhouse Their were 12 longhouses in each colony.
The smallest longhouses were 50 feet and the biggest longhouses were 200 feet!!!

23 Longhouses are sometimes used for tribal meetings.
Longhouses are covered with tree bark, grass, and animal skin.

24 Wampanoag tools and weapons
Muskets could father arrows. Indians could reload bow and arrows faster than muskets but muskets could be shot farther.

25 The Wampanoags made spears out of sharp rocks and long sticks.
The Wampanoag made hoes out of quahog shells and a sticks.

26 The following students submitted slides for this powerpoint:
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