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2 Always click on the bow and arrow to get to the next slide

3 The people who were the first to live in America are called First Americans. They are also called Native Americans or American Indians.

4 First Americans lived in many places in the United States. These places are called “regions”.

5 Three regions that we will study are the Eastern Woodland, Plains, and the Southwest. Eastern Woodland Plains Southwest

6 To meet their basic life needs, First Americans were very wise. They used the natural resources of their region. These are examples of natural resources: Can you be as wise as a First American? Trees and plantsAnimalsLand and water

7 Answer each question carefully and correctly. Are you ready? Test your thinking skills. To become a wise chief, you must earn 3 feathers.

8 The Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands

9 1. The Eastern Woodland Indians lived in forests, near rivers and streams. What would they use to build their houses? SeashellsTrees

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11 Their houses were made of wood and tree bark.

12 2. Sometimes, many people lived in a house, so it had to be big. What is the name of this kind of house? long houselarge house

13 As many as six families lived in a long house. It could be 200 feet long!

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15 3. To get their food from the rivers and streams, the Eastern Woodland Indians fishedswam

16 The Eastern Woodland Indians were very good fishermen.

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18 4. The forests had many animals that were food for the Eastern Woodland Indians. Someone who captures animals for food is called a horsemanhunter

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20 They hunted many animals, including bear, deer and rabbits.

21 5. The Eastern Woodland Indians ate vegetables with their meat and fish. Someone who grows vegetables is called a farmerforester

22 The Eastern Woodland Indians grew many vegetables, especially the “3 Sisters”— corn, beans, and squash

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24 6. You’ve learned that the Eastern Woodland Indians lived near rivers and streams. To get from place to place, they probably paddled canoes and drove cars paddled canoes and walked

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27 They made canoes from tree trunks.

28 You have answered all the questions about the Eastern Woodland Indians correctly! Congratulations! You have earned your first feather! Click to continue

29 The Native Americans of the Plains Region

30 1.The Plains are flat, grassy areas. First Americans who lived in the Plains region moved often to follow buffalodeer

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32 The buffalo, also called bison, has a very large head. It eats grass and drinks water. An adult buffalo can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds!

33 2. The Indians lived in homes that could be moved quickly. These homes were called tentsteepees

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35 Women usually put up the teepee. It was made with buffalo hides and decorated with paint.

36 3. The Plains Indians hunted the buffalo for food and clothing. To capture the buffalo, the Plains Indians had to know how to ride a horsepaddle a canoe

37 The Plains Indians were very good horsemen. They killed only enough buffalo that they needed for food. They did not waste any part of the animal.

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39 4. There were many tribes that lived on the Plains. To protect themselves from other tribes, the men learned how to fight with bows and arrows. These men were called WarriorsWrestlers

40 The more feathers a warriors wore, the greater a warrior he was. Sometimes, a great warrior was given a buffalo helmet to wear, also.

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42 5. The Plains Indians did not settle in one place for a long time. Tribes that move are called nomadicsettled

43 The Plains Indians carried their belongings on a travois (say “trah-voy”). It was made of 2 teepee poles attached to the harness of a horse or dog. It looked like this.

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45 You have earned your second feather! You are on your way to becoming a wise chief. You have answered all the questions about the Plains Indians correctly! Click to continue

46 The Native Americans of the Southwest

47 1. The Southwest Indians lived in the dry, hot region of North America. There weren’t many forests. They built their homes of WoodMud and straw

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49 This mixture of mud and straw is called adobe. The Indians made the walls of their homes very thick. This would keep the houses cool.

50 2. The Southwest Native Americans built their homes with two or three stories or levels. To get to each level, they would use StairsLadders

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52 The ladders could easily be pulled up and stored inside each room.

53 3. Even though there wasn’t much rain, the Southwest Indians learned to irrigate their land. Irrigate means to Scratch with a shovel Bring water to crops

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55 The Southwest Indians made trenches that brought water from rivers and streams for their crops.

56 4.The Indians of the Southwest were farmers. Corn was an important crop. The Indian name for corn is MustardMaize

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58 Did you know that there are more than 500 ways to use corn?

59 5. The Southwest Native Americans also raised sheep. The wool from the sheep was used for Weaving clothing and rugs Making houses

60 They dyed the wool using berries and plants.

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62 Excellent, my friend! You have earned your third feather. Your wise answers have made you a chief! Click to begin again

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