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Region Food Artifacts Shelter Transportation Clothing

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1 Region Food Artifacts Shelter Transportation Clothing
The Lakota Region Food Artifacts Shelter Transportation Clothing

2 Region The Lakota’s lived in the western part of the United States.
They lived on flat land and dry prairies. It is mostly grass and wild flowers. In the summer it is extremely hot and in the winter it is extremely cold. They found lots of food on the land. It helped them survive by all the food they have to eat.

3 Lakota Food

4 Fabulous Food The Lakota ate mostly buffalo meat called jerky.
The Lakota often ate roots and berries when the buffalo were scarce.They often found the roots and berries in trees and under ground. They killed the buffalo with a lance , bow and arrow , and a rifle.

5 The liver is the most nutritious part of the buffalo.
None of the buffalo went to waste.

6 The Lakota Clothing

7 Clothing Buffalo skin was used for clothing.
Buffalo skin could be painted to make it look decretive. All men wore tunics but only some men would wear feather headdresses. Some girls in the Lakota tribe wore red deer skin dresses that could be decorated with shells.

8 The people of the Lakota tribe wore special clothing only during ceremonies.
They got all the skin from hunting animals.To hunt animals they would use weapons such as a bow an arrow.

9 The Lakota Transportation

10 Transportation The Lakota’s main source of transportation was wild horses that are tamed. The horse changed the tribe in many ways. The horses made hunting for buffalo much easier by allowing them to move faster. The Lakota would also travel by canoe on rivers.

11 Canoes were made out of cedar wood.
The types of canoes that they rode in was a tule boat, a birch bark canoe, a toy canoe, and a bullboat.

12 The Lakota Shelter

13 Shelter The Lakota lived in tepees.
Before tepees, the Lakota lived in earth lodges made of grass, sticks, soil, and logs. To make a teepee, you- Scrape the buffalo hides clean Sew several buffalo hides together Put up wooden poles for the frame Stretch buffalo hides over the poles for the cover

14 It takes about ten buffalo hides to cover a teepee.
The tepees kept the Lakota cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The teepee was mobile. You would have folded it up and put it on a travois.

15 The Lakota Artifacts

16 Artifacts The Lakota kept a record of their history by a winter count each year. They put symbols for their winter count. The symbols are read counterclockwise. They wrote them on buffalo hide.

17 A Powwow was a spring event to celebrate new life
A Powwow was a spring event to celebrate new life. At a Powwow they would sing, dance, renew friendships and make new ones. Powwows are religious and still are around today. The Grand Entry is another ceremony. It is the parade of dancers. It begins the Powwow.


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