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Jeopardy 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 4 >>>> 1 2 3SpaceScienceWeather Guess what Chemistry 1 2 3 4 Living Things.

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2 Jeopardy 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 4 >>>> 1 2 3SpaceScienceWeather Guess what Chemistry 1 2 3 4 Living Things

3 This element is the main component of most stars. What is Hydrogen?

4 What is Jupiter? The planet that has a fierce hurricane-like storm that is several times the size of earth.

5 Daily Double

6 What is Gravity The planets in our solar system stay in orbit because of this force

7 What is 2? At what position would Earth be found in the solar system diagram shown below?

8 What is condensation? This process happens when water vapor cools and turns into a liquid

9 What is (A) at the beach?

10 What is evaporation This weather phenomenon happens when a liquid changes to a gas.

11 What is D.

12 Daily Double

13 What are molecules. O3, NaHO3 and NaCl are examples of this.

14 What is (D) brass Sterling silver is a combination of silver and copper. Which of the following is also a combination of two or more metals? A aluminum B lead C gold D brass

15 What is (A) Xenon? Krypton does not easily combine with other elements. According to the periodic table, which element has similar chemical properties? A. Xenon B. Potassium C. Oxygen D. Nitrogen

16 What is the Lungs? This organ is where Oxygen and Carbon dioxide are exchanged in the body.

17 What is a large object from space hit the Earth The hypothesis for the cause of the dinosaurs’ extinction that has the most scientific support links their extinction to -

18 What is break rocks into smaller pieces? Tree roots can change a rocky terrain by doing this to rocks.

19 What is hardens before the animal decays? Volcanic ash has occasionally formed molds of animals. This occurs when the ash covers the animal and -

20 What is Salt water or ocean? 97% of the Earth’s water is found as this.

21 What is B? f

22 What is Carbon dioxide? What type of gas do plants use in photosynthesis to make sugar?

23 What is a producer? In a food chain and food web, grasses and plants are called this because they make their own food.

24 What is (b) a system of tubes. Which of the following best explains how stems transport water to other parts of the plant? A through a chemical called chlorophyll B by using photosynthesis C through a system of tubes D by converting water to food


26 The Earth has seasons because of the its ______ towards the sun. What is Tilt.

27 Double Jeopardy 2 4 6 8 2 4 6 8 2 4 6 8 8 2 4 6EnvironmentMatter Pot Luck Geology 2 4 6 8Electricity

28 The renewable source of energy. A)Natural gas B)Coal C)Oil D)Falling water What is D?

29 What is fossil fuels? This type of fuel is created when coal and oil are burned and used for energy.

30 Daily Double

31 What is Weathering ? ________ is a process where wind, water, and ice can cause rocks to break down into smaller pieces.

32 What is (D) made of atoms?

33 What is an electron microscope (C)?

34 What is (D) a solid?

35 What is a scratch test? This type of test can help geologists determine the hardness of a rock.

36 What is (C)? The chart shows the Mohs scale for measuring the hardness of minerals. A mineral that can scratch fluorite and be scratched by orthoclase is able to – A)Scratch both calcite and quartz B)Be scratched by both calcite and quartz C)Scratch calcite and be scratched by quartz D)Scratch quartz and be scratched by calcite

37 Daily Double

38 What is metamorphic? This type of rock is formed from other rocks because of heat and pressure.

39 What is Magma and or lava? Igneous rocks are formed from this?

40 What is (D) running water? The canyon shown in the picture was most likely formed by – A) a volcano B) high winds C) earthquakes D) running water

41 What is the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core.? The earth has four main layers. Name them.

42 What is the What is the Earth rotates on its axis. The stars appear to change position during the night because-

43 What is Attract? Opposite charges due this.

44 What are Properties? Size, shape, color, texture, and volume are some ______ of matter.

45 What is A Compass? This instrument can point you towards the Earth’s north pole.

46 What is Static Electricity? This is the build up of charges on an object.

47 What is An Electromagnet? This type of magnet can be turned on or off with a switch.

48 What is A Switch? This part of a circuit can control the flow of electrons.

49 What is A Conductor. This type of material allows electricity to pass through it


51 These organisms recycle dead or dying material. Name these organisms and give an example of one. What is a decomposer. Examples include various fungi and bacteria.

52 Thanks for playing JEOPARDY Now, go home and study!

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