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 A resource is anything supplied by the earth to satisfy a particular need of humans or other living things  Resources can be renewable (replaced by.

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2  A resource is anything supplied by the earth to satisfy a particular need of humans or other living things  Resources can be renewable (replaced by natural processes) or non- renewable (takes too long to be replaced) List the resources you can see in this picture Birds, animals, rocks, soil, water, air & sunlight

3  Air  Soil  Temperature  Rocks  Living things  Sunlight  Water The resources listed to the left are natural resources. They  Are used to make things with  Provide us with energy Almost all life depends on these resources Many need to be protected by humans to assist our survival

4 Renewable  A renewable resources is one which is replaced by natural processes  The replacement occurs on a timescale shorter than a human life  Air, water, wind, sunlight and living things fit this category Non- Renewable  A non-renewable resource is one may not be replaced naturally  If the replaced, this happens on a timescale much longer than a human life eg thousands to millions of years  Rocks, soil, oil, coal & petrol fit this category


6 Renewable!

7  Living things are considered renewable because they reproduce and are replaced in our lifetime  Therefore, as long as conditions allow for reproduction, new living organisms will grow and develop  All living things provide a resource for other living things  Eg they may provide food, a habitat or fuel  Farming is a good example of where humans use other living things as a resource


9  Air is a mixture of gases and suspended particles such as dust, smoke, and water droplets.  There are many gases in air...

10  About 21% of air is oxygen o We use oxygen in to breathe (respire), but it is replaced by plants in a process called photosynthesis So the oxygen level in the atmosphere stays about the same  Only about 0.03% of air is carbon dioxide o Plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, animals breathe out carbon dioxide so it is replaced So gases are constantly being recycled through the atmosphere and so are renewable resources Renewable!


12  Equations for photosynthesis  Equation for respiration glucose+ oxygen carbon dioxide + water + energy


14 Sunlight has an essential role in supporting life on earth  Plants use sunlight to produce food  Sunlight warms the earths atmosphere, keeping conditions ideal for living things to survive  The sun is a star and has been burning for billions of years, and will do into the future  Sunlight is a renewable resource and will be for as long as the sun keeps shining. It is constantly being made Renewable!

15  Water covers most of the Earth’s surface and all living things need water  It is the earth’s most important resource

16  Water is earth’s most important resource  Only a tiny fraction of the earth’s water is made new everyday. Most is recycled.  Water can be made when o Living things burn o Fossil fuels burn o Living things release energy o During chemical reactions Renewable!!

17  Water is recycled on earth, as it moves from place to place, as shown by the water cycle. Renewable!

18  Water is essential for life on earth. All living things require it.  The total amount of water on planet earth has remained largely unchanged for billions of years

19 Answer these questions in your workbooks 1. Name 3 natural resources 2. What is the difference between renewable and non renewable? 3. Name 2 renewable resources.


21  Non-renewable resources are used up at a greater rate than they can be replaced

22  Rocks provide 2 types of resources: o The rocks themselves o The materials found in the rocks eg water and minerals What materials from rock do the following pictures show? Non Renewable! Marble Diamond and gold Bricks

23 . As the rocks gradually break down, they release minerals which end up in the water of oceans and lakes, and in the soil. From the water and soil, the minerals are taken up by plants and animals, providing them with necessary trace elements

24  The fossil fuels oil, natural gas and coal are energy sources that are found in or between layers of rock deep below the ground.

25  Rocks themselves can be used eg: Limestone, slate and are used for building.  Marble (shown on the previous page) is used in kitchens and bathrooms around the world.  It was previously used to create sculptures and many ancient buildings in Europe are made of marble  Rocks on earth were formed millions of years ago  There are 3 types of Rock: o Igneous o Metamorphic o Sedimentary Use your netbook to find out how these 3 types of rock are formed! (record your findings in your workbook)

26  Igneous forms when hot liquid from inside the earth cools. It can take millions of years to form. Sedimentary rock is formed when other types of rocks stick together and harden. It takes millions of years to form.

27  Metamorphic rocks Are rocks that once one form of rock and has changed to other due to heat or pressure

28  Only a tiny fraction of the earth’s rocks are being replaced each year and so are not considered renewable  Therefore the minerals in rocks are not a renewable resource  Oil and gas therefore are not renewable

29  Soil is created by the weathering and erosion of rock o Weathering- is the process of rock breaking into smaller and smaller pieces o Erosion- when broken down rock or sediments are moved from where they are formed by water, wind or air. Factors affecting weathering are: o 1. Temperature o 2. Water setting in cracks and freezing o 3. Waves o 4. Running water o 5. Natural chemicals Non renewable!

30 Weathering: breaking down rock  Rapid changes in temperature can split rocks  Water freezing can split rocks  Water and waves can break down rock  Particles in wind can wear down rock  Chemicals (acid rain) can dissolve rock Erosion: carrying broken down rock away  Water, wind and ice can wash away soil, sand and rocks.  Erosion can happen quickly as it does in a dust storm, tornado or hurricane  Or slowly as with a river, ocean waves against the shore

31 ResourceHow it is usedRenewable or non-renewable in a lifetime Air Sunlight Soil Water Rocks Living things 1 Answers p 433

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