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Ecological Cycles Vocabulary words.

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1 Ecological Cycles Vocabulary words

2 Ammonification Ammonification: Bacteria decomposers break down amino acids from dead animals and wastes into nitrogen ammonium.

3 Ammonium Ammonium •Form of nitrogen contained in fertilizer •generated in soil by breakdown of organic matter

4 Atmosphere Atmosphere - layer of gasses around the earth

5 Carbon carbon - A non-metallic element found in coal, petroleum and natural gas. Major component of life.

6 Carbon Cycle Carbon cycle - Circulation of carbon through ecosystems

7 Cellular respiration Cellular respiration Process by which organisms create energy from sugar Glucose+ Oxygenà CO2+ H20+ Energy (ATP)

8 Condensation Condensation This is where warm and cold air collide and form ice crystals that condense and form droplets of water. Creates clouds in the air or fog on the ground.

9 Condense condense - to change from a gas to a liquid

10 Decomposition Decomposition - breakdown of matter by bacteria and fungi

11 Denitrification Denitrification converts nitrates (NO3) in the soil to atmospheric nitrogen (N2) replenishing the atmosphere. - removal of nitrogen or nitrogen compounds –Conversion of nitrogen to gaseous form

12 Evaporate Evaporate - to change from a liquid to a gas

13 Evaporation Evaporation - This is a process where the water is heated and turned into a water vapor. The sun is the main heat source for this process.

14 Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels - Carbon-rich fuel from ancient animals and plants examples: coal, gas, oil

15 Nitrates Nitrates - different form of nitrogen •Found in plant nutrient and fertilizer •Animal feed, manures, and sewage Nitrification:

16 Nitrification Nitrification - Nitrifying bacteria in the ground first combine ammonia with oxygen to form nitrites. Then another group of nitrifying bacteria convert nitrites to nitrates which green plants can absorb and use!

17 Nitrogen nitrogen - Nitrogen is a non-metal, gaseous element

18 Nitrogen Fixation Nitrogen Fixation - is when the nitrogen gets “fixed” and combines with oxygen or hydrogen

19 Photosynthesis Photosynthesis - Process by which plants make sugar Energy (sun)+ Water+ Carbon dioxide Carbohydrates+ Oxygen

20 Precipitation Precipitation - When water droplets in clouds become to heavy and begin to fall Precipitation can be rain, hail, sleet or snow depending on the temperature and wind conditions

21 Respiration and decay -: •Mechanisms in which animal life and bacteria consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide

22 Percolation percolation -
When water seeps through the soil and ends up in the water table. It then flows into the streams, lakes, oceans, and other bodies of water. The process is then repeated again and again.

23 Transpiration Transpiration - the process by which plants lose water through the stomata of their leaves

24 Weathering Weathering - Physical and chemical process in which solid rock exposed at earths surface is changed to separate solid particles and dissolved materials

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