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Webinar begins….. shortly…. Alivemax Giving People The Power To Take Control!

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1 Webinar begins….. shortly…

2 Alivemax Giving People The Power To Take Control!

3 Summary The Truth Your Options Finding The Right Product Income Opportunity How To Get Started How To Build Your Income

4 The Truth Fact 1: You will never get rich working for someone else! Fact 2: Most people go through life working hard to make a living, instead of trying to make a life!

5 Option 1: You could purchase a Franchise MacDonalds, Subway, Burger King, etc etc You will need around $1 Million Employ people Long hours & Stress You need 5 years before you start making a profit!

6 Start your own business Find a manufacturer Pay for research and development Rent or purchase a warehouse Organize transport Employ lots of sales people Advertise Shops Do you have $1 Million to get started? Option 2:

7 Option 3: Start your own Alivemax business Start for as little as $50 World Class Products, that people WANT! Unlimited Income Potential Support & Training Start part time Build your own empire!

8 Advantages of AliveMax Up to date top trend products Ability to earn fast money Extremely high product turnover Products sell themselves Choose your business partners Work anywhere you desire Choose when you work Dictate how much you want to earn YOU Have Total Control

9 Security Is A Thing Of The Past! Recession Bank Crisis Personal debt Bankruptcies So how do you find the right company and the right products?

10 We Learn From History! People always buy what they WANT, and not always what they NEED. Find a trend that has people buying what they WANT.

11 The Baby Boomer Trend People born between 1946 and 1969. In the 50’s, Baby food was “The Trend” In the 60’s Music became the biggest “Trend”. In the 70’s Real Estate boomed and it was “The Trend”. In the 80’s came the computer chip and computers was “The Trend”. In the 90’s Investment and then Telecommunications became “The Trend”. For the last ten years, Baby Boomers have made Health & Wellness “The Trend”.

12 So What Will Be The Next BIG Trend? Baby Boomers are getting OLD What is it that people WANT when they get old? They WANT To Look YOUNG Once More!

13 Anti Aging Trend Anti Aging will the TREND for the next 20 Years! Increase your chances of success! Get ahead of all your competition! Give Baby Boomers exactly what they WANT!

14 Introducing ALIVEMAX YES, YOU CAN!

15 Our World Class Products:

16 Difference between Peroral and Tablets! The advantages of Sprays were first introduced for Heart patients! (Nitrospray) Because of the „First Pass Effekt“.. By means of Tablets and co the straight away effectiveness naturally sinks because the tablet has to first disolve inorder to allow any ingrediants to take effect.(stomache, kidneys, liver etc.) Thats NOT the case using sprays, the ingrediants of sprays are instantly absorbed into the 200 cm² Mucus Membranes of the mouth. Quelle: Spray Facts!


18 Slow Down Your Aging Process! Veratrol Plus (Anti Aging) With just 7 sprays each day under your tongue, and your body will work with the Resveratrol to help slow down your own aging process! 98% Absorption

19 Resveratrol is a plant enzyme, which works antioxidativ and can regulate genes und but moreso it is now known to help slow down the Humanbodys **Aging process. (**BC) June 2008 a young Research Co. called Sirtis had been purchased by a rather large Pharma company called GlaxoSmithKline for 720 Millionen US-Dollars. Sirtis had been founded 2004 so to Assimilate Resveratrol like medicine; Research was especially targeted on the effects of this enzyme as it activates the Sirtuin Gene. Whats this to do with Alivemax? GlaxoSmithKline = Smart Trend Trupper! You dont even have to spend a fraction of 720 Million to get a Piece of the cake! QUELLE: aging/resveratrol-zellenschutz-aus-der-blauen-traube.html

20 Lose Weight Fast? Finally A Product Stop You Feeling Hungry! Alivemax S.L.I.M Hunger pangs are the biggest problem when trying to shed those extra pounds. Now with Alivemax S.L.I.M, just spray 7 times under your tongue and that hunger pang is GONE! Helps to also stimulate your metabolism.

21 What exactly is a Hunger Pang? Physical Hunger Pang Psychological Hunger Pang S.L.I.M. is not a meal replacement! Physical reasons for Hunger Pang Karbohydrates is basically another word for sugar! Because of Karbohydrates (products produced of flour, chocolates, polished rice, Pasta, Cookies) your blood sugar level sky rockets and your pancreas produces more Insulin, Ergo: the normally natural based Insulin level goes down almost just as rapid, and theres that Hunger Pang where those fries hit your face! Psychological reasons for Hunger Pang A Person intentionally deprives themselves of specific Foods which include sugar or refined Carbohydrates out of dietary or health reasons The result is a Hunger Pang. When a person deprives themselves of such, the Synopsis of the brain kicks in with a stronger Stimulus. Therefor the person can not resist the Hunger Pang which is directly sent from the brain ergo: Psychological.

22 The Highest Level Of Nutrition Available Today! Multi-Vitamin Spray Just 7 sprays each day under your tongue, and your body receives the vital vitamins and nutrients to help keep you healthy. 98% Absorption

23 Vitality If you sometimes feel tired, just spray Vitality 7 times under your tongue, and feel revitalized within minutes. Perfect for busy people on the move or those who play sports! From Weightlifters to Office personnel… Extra Natural Energy, Whenever You Need It!

24 Anti Aging Serum with 24k Gold. Anti Aging Serum with 24k Gold. With this incredible Anti Aging Serum, not only can you help to get rid of those wrinkles over time, but with the 24k gold, you can regenerate your skin and speed up your skin cell renewal. 24 K anti- bacterial! This truly is a perfect product for baby boomers who want to keep those youthful looks. REVOLUTION SKIN CARE SERIES

25 Highlight Feb 2010 Revolution Lift This "Revolutionary" Skin Care product will produce almost instant results. This truly is like having a Facelift WITHOUT having the surgery!

26 Alive Max REVOLUTION 30 min.

27 Alive Max REVOLUTION Why does Revolution Instant Face Lift work for you? All outside influences are blocked for 30 min. Nutrients can be absorbed. Your skin is not flooded with water, but rather your facial muscles get a „real training“! As you know: Muscles are under the skin, so therefor under the wrinkle. Logical & natural prozess takes place.

28 before 30 min. later Alive Max REVOLUTION

29 before Alive Max REVOLUTION 34 Min. later

30 Our Perfect Skin Care Set Exfoliating Cleanser, Moisturizer and Toner. The perfect match for young looking skin. Imagine the possibilities!. Anti Aging Serum with 24k Gold. Instant Facelift. Exfoliating Cleanser, Moisturizer Toner Your Complete Skin Care Set For Youthful Looks!

31 How to Earn Money? Fast Start Bonus Retail Sales Profit Welcome Bonus SEVEN Streams of Income ! Dual Team Building Matching Bonus Infinity Bonus Leadership Pools Freedom To Choose

32 Getting Started.. First Steps.. You start your AliveMax Business Choose the product package that is right for YOU, $50, $100, $199, $499.. Don‘t forget… YOU are in control !

33 Where Are Your Customers/Partners? Easy Answer! Anyone you meet or talk to Anyone who notices a change in your appearance Anyone who wants to start or has their own business Anyone who wants to make a change Anyone who wants to invest 30 minutes to view an online presentation in the comfort of their home.

34 I want to do Home Parties! OH! I really want to start a company and share these cosmetic products with people! I want to sponsor others and get Matching Bonus checks!

35 Income Example…

36 Within 30 Days (1 Month) You find 4 people who want to start a home business You purchase your own business pack i.e. $200 x 5 = $1000 Group Volume Circa 10% BV. Earnings: ca. $100…

37 90 Days (around 3 Months) You find another 4 people You help your people find 4 others each Everyone has a personal $200 BV… You earn ca. $600…

38 150 Days (5 Months) Everyone in your group finds 4 other people. Everyone has a personal BV of $200 You have over 130 people in your group. You could earn approx $2500! NOW THAT IS WORTH THE TIME AND MONEY INVESTED!

39 Let‘s dream a little here, and see what happens after 210 days (7 Months) Everyone finds 4 other people … Everyone has a personal $200 BV, and with over 500 people in your group, you could earn approx $10,000! Incredible! With just 500 people in your group, you have the potential to earn over $10,000 PER MONTH!

40 Ok, But What If… Not everyone finds 4 other people … Maybe some people only have a $100 BV.. You would still make $5000 a month What if it took 12 months? What if it took 2 years? Important Question: Does your current job offer you the chance to make an EXTRA $5000 a month in two years from now?

41 Please Understand … This is only an example You MUST take action But it could happen if you choose to say YES!

42 Please Relax And Do Not Worry! People truly WANT our products because they really do work! Everyone over 40 WANTS our products! Use the products yourself! Show people our product range! Do not try to become a sales person!


44 How Do I Get Started? Speak firstly to your Sponsor. Decide which package you want, $199 recommended. Invite people to our conference calls, online and offline. Find 3 and it is FREE!

45 Example… You purchase the $199 Pack Find 3 other people who also buy the $199 pack 3 X $30 Fast Start =$90 3 X $15 Bulk Order Bonus =$45 3 X $30 (doubling Fast Start 2010 promo)= $90 Total $225 income scenario

46 Income Disclaimer As with any activity your results may vary depending on your background, your desires and motivation. We make no guarantees as to the degree of success you can achieve. All reviews and examples used are exceptional results, and do not apply to the average customer, and neither do we guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. There is the possibility of unknown and unpredictable risks that may affect your results. We are not responsible for your actions.

47 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained! Don‘t miss the next BIG TREND! Don‘t let other people control your future! Don‘t let others decide what house you live in, what car you drive, what vacation you take and what freedom you have! It is time YOU made the decision to take control! The Time Is NOW! Alivemax

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