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New Beginnings... Unlimited Possibilities New Beginnings... Unlimited Possibilities.

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1 New Beginnings... Unlimited Possibilities New Beginnings... Unlimited Possibilities

2 NuVerus Prosperity Plan

3 New Beginnings Unlimited Possibilities The NuVerus Purpose is to help people all over the World Health, Prosperity and Freedom

4 Global Opportunity

5 14 ENJOY for your personal health SHARE NuVerus Products PROSPER through duplication Your NuVerus Economy Enjoy, Share & Prosper

6 NuVerus Economy Enjoy, Share & Prosper Use the Products Share Results & Sample Share the Opportunity to Earn Money Share the Preferred Customer Share the Retail Customer Duplicate 6 Steps to Success

7 Double Option Prosperity Plan Double Option - You choose Unilevel or Dual Team Unilevel Bonuses up to Four Generations Dual Team Commissions with no Depth Limits Unilevel Matching Bonus Rank Advancement Cash Bonuses Luxury Car Bonuses The Ultimate in Luxury Rewards Commissions Paid Weekly NuVerus International MasterCard Global Income Opportunity

8 Double Option All Distributors placed in both Trees Orders create Volume in both Trees You get to Choose each week! Best Early Income - Unilevel Best Long Term Income – Dual Team Only company that gives you a Choice!

9 NuVerus Prosperity Plan

10 Getting Started Associate Membership 1. Website & Office 2. Webinars / Calls 3. Upline Support 4. Marketing Tools & Kit * Price Varies by Country

11 Fast Start Packages Basic Pack 1,000,000 IDR 10% Dual Team Commissions 1 Generation of Team Bonuses Business Pack 4,000,000 IDR 15% Dual Team Commissions (6 Months) 2 Generations of Team Bonuses Professional Pack 8,000,000 IDR Dual Team Commissions 6 Months) 4 Generations of Team Bonuses (Shipping extra)

12 Monthly Order / Autoship Level I – 500,000 IDR Level II – 1,000,000 IDR (Shipping extra)

13 Upgrade Entry Level #1 – Purchase Additional Package #2 – Sell Fast Start Packages (First 30 days)

14 You Choose Each Week Unilevel or Dual Team Commissions Best for Long Term Income Earn up to 17,50,000 / week Dual Team - No Depth Limits Best for Early Income 4 Generation Unilevel or

15 Unilevel Team Bonuses 10% First Generation 5% Second Generation 2.5% Third Generation 2.5% Fourth Generation All Orders from all Associates and Customers * Compresses Inactive Associates

16 LevelUnilevelBasic 1 st Gen Business 2 nd Gen 2 nd Gen Professional 4 th Gen 4 th Gen Entry Levels

17 Dual Team Commissions Building Two Teams

18 Left & Right Team Dual Team Tree

19 Dual Team Commissions No Depth Limits – Infinity!

20 10%, 15%, 20% on Matching Volume (Lesser Leg) Up to 15% for Life No Limits on Depth Up to 17,50,000 / week Dual Team Potential

21 Dual Team SPILL When Associates Sponsor more than 2!

22 SPILL From Above Plus your SPILL SPILL WILL HAVE A BIG IMPACT Customers Also Dual Team SPILL

23 Level Dual Team Basic10% Business 15% (6 Months) 15% (6 Months) Professional 20% (6 Months 20% (6 Months Entry Levels Up to 15% for Life (after 6 months)

24 1 st Generation 10% 2 nd Generation 10% 3 rd Generation 10% 4 th Generation 10% 5 th Generation 5% 6 th Generation 5% 7 th Generation 5% Matching Bonus Earn Match on up to 7 Generations! Match on Unilevel or Dual Team Commissions

25 Level Matching Bonus Basic(No) Business Up to 7 Generations Professional Up to 7 Generations Up to 7 Generations Entry Levels

26 Starts at Director 1000 Level Paid Weekly Rank Advancement Bonus 475,000 to 950,000,000 Cash Bonus!

27 Level Rank Adv Bonus Basic25% Business50% Professional 100% 100% Entry Levels

28 Drive in NuVerus Luxury! Luxury Car Bonus 11,000,000 – 28,000,000 per month!

29 Ultimate Luxury Rewards

30 Your NuVerus Money You Decide When! Direct Deposit for Top Leaders

31 Only company with Double Option 4 Generation Unilevel (Early) Unlimited Dual Team (Long Term) Affordable Levels for Everyone Easy Upgrade Low Monthly Order Big Cash Bonuses Luxury Car Bonus Luxury Rewards Program NuVerus International MasterCard Why NuVerus

32 Visit Opportunity at Watch the Video

33 Visit Opportunity at Print the Entire Prosperity Plan

34 Email Notice of Commissions

35 Virtual Office

36 Easy to Understand Reports

37 Commissions Report with Full Details

38 INCOME DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Indonesia NuVerus is a new company and the potential earnings for Independent and Business Associates cannot be determined until a Multi-Year track record for sales Associate earnings are established. Prospective Associates should never assume that specific incomes that can be earned. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with NuVerus will result from sales efforts, hard work, diligence, personal skills, geographical characteristics and knowledge. Nothing in this document in part or in its entirety can or should be taken as a guaranty of product results, business results, personal achievement and/or success.

39 New Beginnings... Unlimited Possibilities New Beginnings... Unlimited Possibilities

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