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2 How’s The DIET Going?




6 The Solution What’s your favorite “guilty” food?



9 “Secret Pill” that Raises your metabolism: It naturally: engages the body's metabolic “master switch” known as “AMPK” Detoxifies your cells: contains Max patented RiboCeine technology Riboceine increases the glutathione production in the body. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and plays a critical role in removing toxins It’s “Heart healthy”: does not increase your heart rate or blood pressure! It naturally lowers your appetite so you eat less


11 And take the 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

12 Sept. 5, 2013 Dec. 31 st 2013


14  Become a Preferred Customer - Free to Join  Commit to the 90 days Weight Loss Challenge  Buy product $2.75 a day! Including shipping/tax)  30 Days Money Back Guarantee  Refer 3 get your product FREE FRE E!

15 For Coming!



18 It’s Easy, It’s Simple, it’s Health!

19 Help People feel better. Make Money helping them!

20  Patented protected, Science –based products  25 Published Peer Reviews  NASA Study  Health Canada recommended Exclusive and Powerful INGREDIENT


22 Steven K. Scott, Founding partner  Bill Guthy and Greg Renker, Founding partners

23 Doing business in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Colombia, El Salvador, Singapore and Malaysia. Over 300 million dollars in sales in the past 5 years More than 150 million dollars paid in commissions Chuck and Gina Norris recently become Global Ambassadors


25 “Today, Network Marketing is recognized by many experts and accomplished businesspeople as one of the fastest-growing business models in the world.” Robert Kiyosaki

26  Become an Associate:  $49 One time fee for the first year ($25 a year thereafter)  Purchase product to consume or sell Personal Pack: $140-$179 Professional Pack: $549 Premier Pack: $999 (15-18 months of products) You Get Your Own Business How you can Start Earning Money

27 Buy Wholesale, Sell Retail, keep profits Earn 25% of Preferred Customers Sales Get Bonuses for selling special packages ($75-$300) Profit Sharing pools Lifestyle Bonus

28 1) Enroll two people One on your Left side One on your Right side 2) Earn 10% on the total sales of the smallest side YOUTIMJohnEstiMARYPeter $15,000 total sales $10,000 total sales You make $1000 Team Commission $5000 roll over

29 This is where you build your Fortune! Get a percentage of the Team Bonus Check of your Associates 7 levels down. You 1 st Gen 25%-50% 2 nd Gen 10% 3 rd Gen 9% 4 th Gen 9% 5 th Gen 8% 6 th Gen 7% 7 th Gen 6%

30 You NOW $10 00 LATER You $100 0


32  Sign up as an Associate  Set up your Autoship  Follow the 4 Steps to Success

33 1. Use 2. Recommend 3. Invite 4. Commit

34 Hi “Close Friend/Family”, how are you? Did I catch you in a good time? I need a minute. Great, you know, you've always been supportive of me and I appreciate that so much. I’m calling to ask for a favor and your support. Do you know anyone that would like to lose weight easily? I just started my own Weight Loss business and I'm having a “Weight Loss Party" this _(day and time ). I wanted to know if I can count on your support by attending, and giving me your feedback? Yes? Great! So (date and time) is ok with you? Can you put it in your calendar so you won't forget? I will text you the address and you can bring a friend if you want. We will have fun. Sample Script/Product/Friend

35  1. I want to try the products  2. I want to try the products and make money  3. I want more information

36 Are You Ready to Experience Success and Significance? Join us Today!

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