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Welcome and thank you for sharing your valuable time with us!

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1 Welcome and thank you for sharing your valuable time with us!
PLEASE, turn off or silence all cell phones and pagers during this presentation….Thank you!

2 It’s Your Choice LOOK – FEEL - LIVE

3 Max attracts first class partners
Steve Scott Bill Guthy Greg Renker

4 • People everywhere want real results for ALL parts of their lives – they’re looking for something meaningful for themselves, their family, and their community. • In addition to Max’s products empowering people to achieve better health and vitality, our business model helps to address the financial concerns of today. • Max International has already paid tens of millions of dollars to Max Associates around the world for sharing these products. • There are a couple different ways that you can personally benefit from Max’s purpose and start to experience better health, success, and significance.

5 Imagine… …if just one phone call from you, could change someone’s life!


7 Real answers for people…
We offer real break-through products, that are backed by real science, that make a real difference!

8 Change the way you LOOK

9 Visible Solutions Patented Max Amino-Nutrient Complex with a Bio-Active Aloe Vera Base – NOT water! Proven results with clinical studies and independent user groups 128% increase in Collagen-1 after 15 days 31% increase in Elastin after 15 days 44% reduction in wrinkle depth after 30 days Shows visible results on skin in as little as 60 seconds Entire 5-part 90-day system cheaper than many single night creams

10 A picture is worth 1000 words…after 30 days

11 And a woman in her 80’s…after just 30 days

12 Meta-Switch Scientific Weight Loss Break-through
“Flicks The Switch” on your Metabolism Doesn’t raise heart rate or blood pressure Independent studies showed record fat loss Works with no change to diet or exercise

13 Why people quit traditional programs
No Results Taste Feel Hungry Fight Cravings Lost Energy Dangerous Ingredients Replace Food With Shakes

14 Real people, Real results
Alex – Lost 28 lbs & 4 in off waist in 7 weeks Madison – works out hard but could never get definition!

15 Real Science With Safe & Lasting Results

16 Weight Loss to Wellness
Store or Burn? AMPK

17 Change the way you FEEL

18 • The breakthrough products Steve found were based on the research of two prominent scientists.
• Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, a renowned and accomplished medicinal chemist, dedicated his life to find ways to help humanity. • Dr. Robert Keller worked tirelessly to find ways to improve the lives of his patients. • Though they’ve never met, both men’s research and discoveries have come together at Max International; another lightning strike that commanded people’s attention. More info at

19 Powerful & Exclusive Ingredient

Give every cell of the body, exactly what it needs to produce & maintain its OWN optimum levels of Glutathione


22 Taking oral Glutathione is not the answer
Your body can’t absorb Glutathione (GSH) Oral GSH supplements get destroyed in the stomach Intra-venous GSH is expensive & benefits short lived Max 276%

23 • The human body is heavily reliant upon glutathione, and the benefits of optimized levels of glutathione have profound impacts on your daily life and long-term health. RiboCeine is proven in clinical studies to be 300% more effective than anything else on the market

24 Pro athletes are dominating on MAX

25 • If you’re interested in the benefits of our products, you can start today with the Max 90-day challenge, and see the difference that this will make in your life. • It’s free to join as a Preferred Customer and buy products directly at wholesale pricing. • We have special incentives in place to make it easy and convenient to receive your product. • We are so confident in our product, that when you start telling others of your experience and refer them to Max, there is a program where you can earn FREE product.

26 Change the way you LIVE

27 WHY MAX AS A BUSINESS? Low start-up costs Flexible working hours
No experience required Build internationally from home Unlimited incoming earning potential Huge tax savings for a home based business Recognition for your achievements Personal development and lifestyle rewards

28 Associate Fee $49 Premiere Pack $999
• If you’re looking to create financial options and answers, then the opportunity offered by Max and the RiboCeine breakthrough cannot be overlooked. • Glutathione is on the verge of massive world-wide growth. You can get in front of the wave by partnering with Max and representing the leading research in glutathione. • Woven into our purpose is the motto “people before profit.” It is rewarding to know that you can help other people improve their lives and make good money from doing so. • Max has 9 different ways to earn money. How much you make is based on your drive to be successful. o 3 of our commissions are paid weekly and provide a fast turnaround for your investment. o 6 of our commissions are paid monthly and reward larger payouts for long-term business building.

29 BUILD 2 TEAMS Testimonials! Average Monthly Incomes* & Days To Achieve
Bronze (2000cv) $ Silver (4000cv) $ Gold (16,000cv) $ Platinum (32,000cv) $12, Diamond (80,000cv) $26, Infinite depth • You have the ability to build your business as large as you want. Everyone you enroll becomes an Associate in one of the sales teams under you. • Team Bonus is paid as follows: o Earn 10% of EVERYTHING the smaller team, or “pay leg,” sells in a month, regardless if they were enrolled by you or not. • Matching Check Bonus is paid on the Team Bonus of the people in your enrollment tree. o Earn up to 50% of the Team Bonuses from every person you personally enroll. o You earn a percentage of each generation’s Team Bonus up to your 7th generation. Testimonials!

30 A Proven, But Young Company!
TIMING... USA Canada Philippines New Zealand Australia Singapore Colombia El Salvador Hong Kong Ghana 2014

Proven Systems – Fast Track Your Success Online Back Office 1-800# Customer Service Online and Offline Training Business Tools Personal Coaching and Mentoring

32 Max…We’re all about choices
I’d like more Information Weight Loss or skin care Science & Health Sports & Athletics Business & Compensation I’m interested in the Products I’m interested in the Business Now let’s show you how you can: Pay off your initial investment the FIRST MONTH! Get your product for FREE! Earn the monthly income you’ve always wanted, PART-TIME! Use LEVERAGE to enjoy total time and money FREEDOM! Secure your spot! Lock me in!!

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