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Connecting or Conflicting? Randy R. Weigel “At Home on the Range” February 21-23, 2006.

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1 Connecting or Conflicting? Randy R. Weigel “At Home on the Range” February 21-23, 2006

2 “How and where did Kennedy die?”

3 What is a generation? Generations at Work, 2000, Zemke, Raines and Filipczak Generational cohort—people born in the same general time span who share key life experiences and develop shared values, attitudes and expectations.

4 Family Community Society Global Bioecological Systems Theory

5 Generations, 1991, Strauss and Howe The Fourth Turning, 1997, Strauss and Howe Generational Name:GISilentBoomThirteenthMillennial Born:1901-241925-421943-601961-811982-03 Length (Years):2418 2122 Age in 2005104 to 8180 to 6362 to 4544 to 2423 to 2 Generations at Work, 2000, Zemke, Raines and Filipczak Generational Name: Veterans Baby Boomers Generation Xers Generation Nexters Born: 1922-431943-601960-801980-00 Length (Years): 22182122 Age in 2005 83 to 6262 to 4545 to 2525 to 5

6 Each generation faces……….. Defining Moments or Significant Social Events (DM/SSE)

7 Veterans Born 1922 – 1943 a.k.a. Traditionalists Matures G.I. Silent Good Time WW II What were DM/SSEs for this generation?




11 Defining Events—Veteran Generation 1929 – The Great Depression Begins 1933 – The Dust Bowl in the Midwest 1933 – The New Deal Enacted (WPA & CCC) 1941 – Pearl Harbor--U.S. enters WW II 1945 – FDR dies Atomic bombs dropped Victory in Europe and Japan 1950 – Korean Conflict (1950-53) anticommunist fears surge

12 What to Remember about Veterans: They are dedicated to a job once they take it They are respectful of authority, even if it frustrates them They place duty before pleasure Patience is a virtue. They are willing to wait for rewards Honor and integrity are critical parts of their being They are reluctant to challenge the system. They are conformers They are strongly patriotic.

13 Messages that Motivate (Connect) with Veterans: “Your experience is respected here.” “It’s valuable to the rest of us to hear what has—hasn’t— worked in the past.” “Your perseverance is valued and will be rewarded.”

14 Baby Boomers Born 1943 – 1960 a.k.a. Boomers Pepsi Now Me Woodstock NuAgers Love Yuppie Vietnam What were DM/SSEs for this generation?




18 Defining Events—Baby Boomer Generation 1949 – TV Age Begins 1957 – Congress passes the Civil Rights Act 1962 – Cuban missile crisis 1963 – President Kennedy assassinated 1965 – U.S. sends combat troops to Vietnam 1968 – Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinated 1969 – Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon Woodstock 1970 – Kent State University shootings

19 What to Remember about Baby Boomers Boomers live to work A general sense of optimism regardless of what happens They are champions of causes They have always been willing to go into debt They tend to be team and process oriented, sometimes to the detriment of results Boomers strive for convenience and personal gratification Boomers are very nostalgic about their youth and seek to preserve it.

20 Messages that Motivate (Connect) with Boomers: “You’re important to our success.” “You’re valued here.” “Your contribution is unique and important.” “We need you.”

21 Generation X Born 1960 – 1980 a.k.a. Gen X Xers Thirteeners Baby Busters Post-Boomers Lost Generation What were DM/SSEs for this generation?




25 Defining Events – Generation X 1973 – Arab oil embargo--energy crisis begins 1974 – Watergate scandal Richard Nixon resigns 1976 – First personal computers introduced 1979 – Mass corporate layoffs begin Iran hostage crisis begins 1980 – AIDS receives worldwide attention John Lennon assassinated 1981 – Ronald Reagan inaugurated 1986 – Space shuttle Challenger explodes 1989 – Fall of Berlin Wall

26 What to Remember about Generation X Xers work to live rather than live to work Jobs are viewed within the context of a contract Xers view the world pragmatically They are noted for being self-reliant Xers are attracted to the “edge” Xers approach to authority is casual To them, versatility of skills and experience ensures employability.

27 Messages that Motivate (Connect) with Generation X: “Do it your way.” “There aren’t a lot of rules here.” “We’re not very corporate.” “We’ve got the newest hardware and software.”

28 Millennials Born 1980 – 2000 a.k.a. Nexters Gen Y Y Echo Boomers Net Gen Nintendo Generation What were DM/SSEs for this generation?




32 Defining Events—Millennials 1990 – Desert Storm 1991 – Windows introduced by Microsoft 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing 1996 – O.J. Simpson trial 1999 – Columbine High School shootings Impeachment of President Clinton Y2K crisis 2001 – Terrorist attacks on September 11 th 2002 – War in Afghanistan 2003 – War in Iraq

33 What to Remember about Millennials They have been conditioned to live in the moment The believe technology has all the answers Clear and consistent expectations are essential for productivity They are optimistic, civic-oriented but also ‘street smart’ Work should be fun They will give respect when they are treated with respect They are astoundingly diverse demographically.

34 Messages that Motivate (Connect) with Millennials: “You’ll be working with other bright, creative people.” “You and your coworkers can help turn this company around.” “Your boss is in her sixties.”

35 The Internet: A whole new world Lingo: BTW IMHO T2UL8R FAQs SPAM ISP SMS Phrases: “See you online” “The Server’s down” “Email me” “Behind the firewall” Signatures: :-) ;-) :-*


37 1970’s 1940’s 1960’s 1950’s 1980’s 1990’s

38 Learn all you can about other generations

39 PERSONAL AND LIFESTYLE CHARACTERISITCS BY GENERATION Veterans (1922-43) Baby Boomers (1943-60) Generation X (1960-80) Millennials (1980-00) Core Values Respect for authority Conformers Discipline Optimism Involvement Skepticism Fun Informality Realism Confidence Extreme fun Social Family Traditional Nuclear DisintegratingLatch-key kidsMerged families Education A dreamA birthrightA way to get there An incredible expense Communication Rotary phones one-on-one Touch-tone phones Call me anytime Cell phones Call me only at work Internet Picture phones E-mail Work Ethic Hard WorkWorkaholicsEliminateWhat’s next? Hammel, G. (2005). Mixing and Managing Four Generations of Employees. Manage according to values and attitudes

40 Be wary of stereotyping

41 “I remember”……..The sure-fire way to make yourself irrelevant.

42 Appreciate the Strengths of the Generations

43 Connecting with Generations goes both ways “…too many family trees are split apart or friendship bonds are broken because we are stuck in the mind-set that the phrase in my day means it’s ‘the only way.’ Instead, we have to let in my day become a way to connect with one another. Exposing ourselves to generational diversity can offer wonderful insight into how the world once was, how it is today, and where we all might be in the future.” Lancaster, L., & Stillman, D. When Generations Collide

44 Connecting or Conflicting?

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