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Generations in scouting Randy Smith ASM Program N5-347-11-1.

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1 Generations in scouting Randy Smith ASM Program N

2 2 Learning Objectives As a result of this session, you will:  Understand generational differences as another aspect of diversity.  Consider how these differences impact each group.  Understand the “adult led, youth run” aspect of a unit.  Learn ways to work together across generations for a better future.

3 3 Let’s Play a Game!

4 4 Rules of Play  You have the name of a well known person placed on your back.  You must figure out who you are.  You may ask 1 person up to 20 questions to assist you.  Oh….and by the way……you have 5 minutes!

5 5 What is a Generation?

6 6 A group of people who were born in approximately the same time frame who share common cultural icons and attitudes.

7 7 Scouting is over 100 years old now. Much is the same. But much has changed. Just think of the last 30 years!

8 8 Then (34 years ago)

9  Newspaper drives  High attrition in Boy Scouts (mostly high school)  Parents stood behind Scoutmasters (and teachers) on matters of discipline.  “left handed smoke shifters” were a part of every new Scouts experience!  Sports programs co-existed with Scouting

10 10 Now

11  High attrition rate in Cub Scout years.  Tiger program  Mandatory training of leaders  Lack of knowledge by parents & new leaders on BSA mission & values.  Scouting often takes a “backseat” to sports programs.  The BSA has gone “Co-Ed”!

12 12 The Greatest Generation Born Between

13 13 Events & Experiences  World War II  The Great Depression  Attack on Pearl Harbor  Roosevelt’s New Deal  GI Bill  Korean War  The Transistor Radio  Telephone

14 14 Baby Boomer Generation Born Between

15 15 Events & Experiences  Race Riots, Civil Rights, Kent State  Watergate  Woodstock  Space Travel  Assassinations (JFK, RFK, MLK…..)  Scientific Advances  Television

16 16 Generation X Born Between

17 17 Events & Experiences  The Internet  Cell Phones & Video Gaming  Working Moms  MTV  Desert Storm  Challenger Disaster  Fall of the Berlin Wall  AIDS

18 18 Millennials Born Between

19 19 Events & Experiences  School Shootings  Social Networking  September 11 th  Enron, World Com etc…  Iraq & Afghanistan  Oklahoma City Bombing  Continual Feedback  Peer / Social pressures !

20 20 WWYD ?? ( What Would You Do)  Your unit is conducting a Youth Leadership Training.  The older youth are running / staffing the program  Adult leadership is multigenerational  Youth leadership has 15 teens (millennials)  Youth staff wants to run everything without adult help.  You’re responsible for safety, budget and final result.  It’s the last staff development and the youth staff is still a little rough around the edges but wants to kick back & chill.

21 21 WWYD ??  Who runs the show……you or the youth staff?  How do you react when the youth makes a decision that you don’t agree with?  How can the expectations & characteristics of each of the four generations factor into this conflict?

22 22

23 BSA Annual Meeting Let’s take a look at a discussion that took place between our Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazzuca (baby boomer) and National OA Chief, Brad Lichota (millennial).

24 24 Summary As a result of this session, do you now:  View generational differences as another dimension of diversity?  Understand how these differences might impact each group?  Understand the “adult led, youth run” aspect of a unit?  Have a foundation for working together across generations for a better future?

25 25 Thank you.

26 26 Change control log DateVersionChangesBy Jan. 14, templateFred M. Stringer Jan 17, Version prepared for Staff Development -Change personal mission to the mission of the BSA -Changed sample mission statements to current versions -Cosmetic changes Larry Goldman March 7, Added slide on the difficulty of expressing VMV -Added additional wording to “ticket” slides -Added examples to the review of learning objectives Larry Goldman March 22, Combined slides 18 and 19 -Updated the “notes” Larry Goldman

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