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Generational Diversity Kenneth Holden, Ed.D. Dean, Student Services Houston Community College.

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1 Generational Diversity Kenneth Holden, Ed.D. Dean, Student Services Houston Community College

2 Generational Diversity  Generational diversity defined  Benefits of gaining understanding to enhance services to minority males  Historical perspective in education Four separate and distinct generations Generational groups

3 Generational Groups  Traditionalist 1927-1944  Baby Boomer 1945-1964  Generation X 1965-1981  Millennial 1982-2003

4 Traditionalist  Population: approximately 35 million  Times in their lives – life experiences Great Depression The New Deal World War II Korean War

5 Traditionalist  Values Early years and the art of conformity Respect for authority and rules Dedication to work ethic and hard work Benefits of corporate advancements Experiences – wisdom Moderation – from hard times to prosperity

6 Traditionalist  Educational Styles Large forums Formal expertise presentations Civil and polite environments

7 Traditionalist  Recommendations Focus on quality Encourage to share experiences Acknowledge rules of engagement

8 Baby Boomer  Population: approximately 76-80 million  Life experiences Civil rights movement Sexual revolution Space travel Assassinations The Vietnam War

9 Baby Boomer  Values personal and professional growth “Me First” Hard work and high achievement Risk taking Optimistic and goal-oriented Attitudes of 1960’s and 1970’s Success is largely visible

10 Baby Boomer  Educational Styles Workshops and seminars Panels: different perspectives Audience participation activities – game shows Hands-on demonstrations

11 Baby Boomer  Recommendations Help them feel victorious Provide opportunities for positive experiences Become a team player

12 Generation X  Population: approximately 40 million  Life experiences Watergate Desert Storm Latch key kids MTV Generation Gas issues

13 Generation X  Values Individualistic, independent and self-reliant Recycling Emphasis on diversity Instant gratification Cynical of authority and the establishment Dependence on technology View of the world

14 Generation X  Education Styles Individualized sessions Focused learning Computer based instruction Entertainment Social networking

15 Generation X  Recommendations Provide details and options upfront Appear to enjoy work Prove authority

16 Millennial  Population: approximately 60-70 million  Life experiences School shootings Oklahoma City bombings Technology revolution Exposed scandals

17 Millennial  Values Environmental concerns and sensitivity Meaningful work sought Civic-minded Diversity and cultural tolerance Respect for authority Academic pressures Ambitious Technologically minded and proficient

18 Millennial  Education Styles Computer based and self-study Need for instant and on-going feedback

19 Millennial  Recommendations Admire them as individuals Demonstrate personal relevance Become non-stressful provider of information

20 The College Campus GenerationEmployeesStudents Traditionalist13%Less than 1% Baby Boomer53%11% Generation X31%37% Millennial3%52%

21 The College Campus  Educators can help minority males overcome critical issues by understanding: Generational differences Views of issues Value system differences Life experiences

22 Sources & References  “College and the Millennial Generation”, Millennial Generation Blog, Kanna Hudson, September 2007  “The Word on Generational Diversity”, HR Horizons, Volume 2, Issue 3 Karla Hignite, July 2007  When Generations Collide, Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman, Harper Business, February 2002

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