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The Multigenerational Classroom February 2008 Presented by Jacqueline Callery.

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1 The Multigenerational Classroom February 2008 Presented by Jacqueline Callery

2 Generations Birth YearGenerationAge 2007 1925-1945Silent Generation62-82 1946-1964Baby Boomer Generation 43-61 1965-1980Generation X27-42 1981-2000*Millennial Generation7-26 * This range varies across different sources, 1979 earliest noted

3 In many instances, your classrooms are multi-generational Baby Boomers 43-61 Millennials Under 26 Generation X 27-42 Age in 2007

4 Chicago Campus

5 Approximately 87% are 18-25 years old, 15% 26+ Approximately 37% are 18-25 years old, 63% 26+

6 The Millennials Are Coming Morley Safer reports on the new generation of "millennials.”- November 11, 2007 /60minutes/main3475200.shtml /60minutes/main3475200.shtml

7 Reactions and Thoughts

8 Your Descriptors

9 As we proceed….. Do not assume these groups are monolithic Do not generalize or stereotype There are layers and dynamics that driven by cultural and socio-economic dimensions

10 Core Values Generation X Dedication Hard Work Conformity Law and Order Patience Delayed reward Duty before pleasure Adherence to rules Honor Optimism Team Orientation Personal Gratification Health and Wellness Personal Growth Youth Work Involvement Baby Boomers

11 Different Life Experiences Baby Boomers Pill approved in 1960 Kennedy Assassination Civil Rights Movement Watergate VCRs Man on the Moon Millennials Clinton Cell Phones September 11 War on Terrorism Iraq American Idol Global Warming Internet

12 The Millennial Buzz Words

13 – High Expectations – Intrusive parents (Helicopter)

14 – Child Safety/Baby on board – Rules should be clear and enforced fairly – Trust and count on authority – Ambitious with no plan Underestimate what is actually required Directionless

15 – Expect good news – Trophies for participating – Comfortable with negotiating behavior – Motivated based on beneficial outcomes

16 – Like to congregate – Like to collaborate – Get along to get along I am a team player but… – Need structure, need a net, need protection from authority figures to make sure they achieve

17 – Close to their parents – Identify with parent values – Will follow rules

18 – Need to achieve Want things to be fair and criteria-based – Expect to achieve Expect high grade for compliance – Clear reward structure – Neat and tidy path

19 – Expected to perform – Structure or path should guarantee success

20 Racially and ethnically diverse

21 Different Classroom Expectations Baby Boomers Believed you worked for you grade Learning is painful The reward comes with hard work Make a plan and stick to it Respect and honor the expert Trusting of authority Millennials Expect grades without significant effort Want education to be comfortable and entertaining Gratification comes instantly Moment to moment Little respect for authority (knowledge) Cynical Personal privilege rules Naïve sense of the future

22 A Student’s Perspective

23 Now What Find a common ground Give meaning to what students are learning – Life application (Past, present, and future) Why should they care? Take advantage of their ability to find information—have them bring the information to class, make them obligated and accountable Offer choices and create curriculum with the students

24 Final Thoughts From the Literature Provide options, choice Want balance Flexibility and convenience (room to drop out and drop in) Learn by doing (directions are old news, lectures are out) Want to read less Personalize and customize (feedback more often in a variety of ways) Prefer collaboration (provide clear direction) Want results (can find it somewhere else) Multitaskers (what is most efficient?) Digital, digital (integrated and seamless) Instant and available information Media junkies

25 Strategy Brainstorming

26 Millennials This generation is going to force us to revisit our education paradigm because failure is not an option – How can we create a safe space for learning? A space different than the one we experienced – How can faculty learn to share that space with learners?




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