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The Multigenerational Workplace Sang-won Byun & Rim Woldeslassie.

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1 The Multigenerational Workplace Sang-won Byun & Rim Woldeslassie

2 ●Intro ●Understanding 4 Generations Who they are and what are their motivation? ●Design Multigen Training Program Activity ●Wrap-up

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8 WW IIBaby BoomerGen XersMillennial OutlookPracticalOptimisticSkepticalHopeful Claire Raines (2006) Connecting Generations PerspectiveCivic-mindedTeam orientedSelf-reliantCivic-minded LeadershipHierarchyConsensusCompetence Achievement, pulling together










18 (Traditionalists, Depression babies, Greatest Generation) ● 5% of workforce ● See work as a privilege due to seeing worldwide depression ● Strong work ethic, discipline, stability, and experience= invaluable employee World War II Generation (born 1945 and before)

19 ● “Your experience is respected here” ● “It’s valuable to the rest of us to hear what has and hasn’t worked in the past.” ● “Your perseverance is valued and will be rewarded.” Message that motivate WW II Gen

20 (Boomers, Vietnam Generation, ‘me’ Generation) ● 39% of workforce ● Hold most power & control in workplace ● Team oriented ● Show their worth in workplace ● Strong work ethic, communication skills, & emotional maturity Baby Boom Generation (born 1946-1964)

21 ● “Your opinion is valued” ● “You can work as long as you want to.” ● “We need you.” Message that motivate Boomers

22 (Gen X, Baby Busters, Post- Boomers) ● 32% of workforce ● Self- reliant ● Able to thrive in chaos and change ● Stay with flexible, results driven organizations that adapt to their preferences Generation Xers (born 1965 -1980)

23 ● “Do it your way.” ● “We’ve got the newest hardware and software.” ● “There aren’t lot of rules around here.” Message that motivate Gen Xers

24 (Generation Y, Digital Generation, Nexters) ● 25% of workforce ● Grew up in more casual exposure to multiculturalism ● Tend to be more goal- achievement oriented ● Arrive on job with higher expectations Millennial Generation (born 1980-2000)

25 ● “You will be working with other bright, creative people.” ● “You and your co-worker can help turn this company around.” ● “You can be a hero here.” Message that motivate Millennials

26 WW IIBaby BoomerGen XersMillennial Learning Style ClassroomFacilitatedIndependent Collaborative and Networked Lynne c. Lancaster & David Stillman (2002) When generations collide Technology use UncomfortableUnsure Unable to work without it Uncomfortable if not provided Feedback No news is good news Once per yearWeek/dailyOn demand

27 Corbett, S. (2008). Targeting Different Generations.

28 The Generational Ice- Breaker Game 1.Form in either pairs, small teams, or one large circle to discuss 2.Ask each person: What’s your middle name and why did your parents give it to you? 3.Observations a.Were there any similar names shared by different generational groups? b.Were there any similar reasons given by participants from different generational groups? c.Were there any names associated with a certain generational group than another? Wolfe (2009) Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization

29 Now into Practice Q1: How would you help ‘your’ generation interact well with other generations? Design a training program around generational diversity for your organization

30 Managing Generations Successfully 1.Talk about generations 2.Ask about someone’s needs and preferences 3.Give out different options 4.Learn about preferences, be flexible, & personalize style 5.Build on your strengths 6.Pursue different perspectives

31 In- Class Question


33 References ● Armour, S., (2005) Gen Y: They’ve Arrived at Work with a New Attitude, USA Today, November 6 ● Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012) Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey. ● Corbett, S. (2008). Targeting Different Generations. ● Lancaster, L. C., & Stillman, D., (2002) When generations collide: : Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work (HarperBusiness, NY) ● Murphy, S.A., (2007). Leading a multigenerational workforce. AARP. ● Raines, C., (2003) Connecting Generations: The Sourcebook for a New Workplace: (Mento Park, CA: Crisp Publications) ● Wolf, I.S., (2009). Geeks,Geezers, and Googlization. Xlibris

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