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Voice and Data Encryption over mobile networks July 2012 IN-NOVA TECNOLOGIC IN-ARG SA MESH VOIP.

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1 Voice and Data Encryption over mobile networks July 2012 IN-NOVA TECNOLOGIC IN-ARG SA MESH VOIP

2 GSM Net is hacked Mobile internet can be intercepted Internet connections takes the cheapest way to transfer information Providers can do lawful interception Foreign government can do lawful interception

3 1. Customer needs In-Nova solutions Users needs Secure communications in every place and every moment Maximum security and trust in communication instruments Advanced security settings easy to use and configure Voice quality equal to normal calls Encryption of voice, SMS, files on all kind of networks Maximum security verifiable and certified User friendly interface developed after years of development and experience in customer care High quality of communication equal to or higher than normal calls and low delay In Nova solutions

4 Problem Operators do not give direct IP connection between devices on different networks Main limitations are Private IP address Rolling IP address for mobile NAT Firewalling, etc. User identity and activity log cannot be hidden (e.g. for VIP closed User Group) Standard SIP protocol not designed for mobile networks Need to interconnect system/devices with different or legacy transport protocols (e.g. proprietary systems) VoIP Server Problem solving approach for secure network convergence VoIP Server 1. Secure Mobile VoIP Concept

5 VoIP Server Interconnection for secure voice & data communication between IP devices VoIP Server Module Authentication and Key Management User DB Secure Gateway PipeComm allows protocol conversion and adaptation when required (e.g. PSTN to IP) Terminals Devices connected to VoIP Server Mobile 2G/3G/WiFi PSTN devices 2. Network Elements

6 BlackBerry communication services Secure Voice over IP Secure SMS Secure Data transmission, Local files transmission, secure chat, conference calls (Q4 2012) Complete scalable system allowing integrators and operators to deliver secure voice, SMS and messaging services over the BlackBerry platform using End-To-End HW based encryption. Security HW token to guarantee high speed and strong security (256 bit key length or higher) Proprietary service server Independent Secure Client architecture VoIP Server Encrypted Signaling mSE End-To-End HW Encryption 2. Use Case

7 In Nova range consists in 4 kinds of mobile platforms according to the required security level Software Secure Application Software Secure Phone Stack COTS terminals microSD on COTS Terminals Hardware Security Software Security C D B A Software secure application on COTS terminals with microSD (eg. Nokia, Windows Mobile, etc.) Software secure application on COTS terminals (eg. Nokia, Windows Mobile, Android, etc.) Software secure phone stack (OS and applications) on COTS terminals (eg. Motorola) Software secure phone stack on COTS terminals with microSD (BlackBerry) SECURITY 3. Mobile Platforms


9 VoIP Server Module

10 Internet 5. Satellite Worldwide Connection Portable System Car System Satellite WiFi Sat Link VoIP Server IP over Sat Ground Station Marine System

11 9. Multiple Groups Users DHUser Manual Key Group (A) Diffie Hellmann Group (B) Manual Keys USR 1 USR 2 User DB (A) User DB (B) USR 3 USR 4 USR N Authentication and Key Management (B) Inter-Force Mnaual Key USR 1 USR 2 USR 3 USR 4 USR N Account (A) Account (B) Manual Key

12 In Nova SMS AES 256 encryption algorithm of SMS text messages Encryption keys manually keyed in or automatically generated during each crypto call Possibility to send Flash crypto SMS that are automatically erased after the decryption Authentication for reading and writing secure SMS Groups of crypto contacts for group distribution of secure commands Crypto contacts

13 In Nova SMS Possibility to receive clear SMS from crypto contacts that are immediately encrypted on phone after the reception Remote wiping of entire phone and memory card in case of theft Alarm for unauthorized SIM replacement with an SMS with geographic GPS coordinates to localize phone Localization function through crypto SMS commands which return the coordinates of the GSM cell connected to the phone Visualization of coordinates received directly on mobile maps

14 All Chip´s In Nova version are be installed on a μSD card with EAL5+ smartcard inside with the software license, random generation and hardware encryption The μSD card can be adopted to customer requirements, planned first customer shipments Q 2013

15 Thanks for your attention In-Nova TECNOLOGIC 25 de Mayo 271 4º P- Cordoba TE/Fax +54 351 4872574

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