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IP/Digital Logger Family of Products IP and Digital Phone Recording Solutions.

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1 IP/Digital Logger Family of Products IP and Digital Phone Recording Solutions

2 IP/Digital Family of Products (from SAMB May 25) NEC 1 Port Digital Call Logging Unit (VSR 01) NEC 4 Port Digital Call Logging Unit (VSR 04) LKS- IP Port – 1- LIC (IP) LKS-IP/Digital-Archiver Port-1-LIC (Call Archiver) LKS-IP/Digital- Manager Port -1-LIC (IP/Digital Manager) LKS-IP/Digital-Reporter Port-1-LIC (IP/Digital Reporter Pro) IP/Digital BackOffice (free, needed for VSR 04 and IP) IP/Digital Player (free can be installed on any PC for playback) …………………………………….Got it?

3 How to Determine Which Recording Solution is Right for Client? What type of phones do they have/ are being proposed? IF Digital THEN.. VSR 01 or VSR 04 IF IP THEN LKS IP (or beta new ipTap Desktop) Are there PCs next to each phone? If Yes, VSR 04 still possibility (or ipTap) IF no, THEN go with VSR 04 (or LKS IP) Would they like the user to add information or otherwise categorize each call for reference later? IF Yes, and PC next to each phone, THEN VSR 01for Digital IF IP, THEN IP Tap IF no need for interaction, THEN VSR 04 possibility (Digital) or LKS IP seats

4 Which Solution? (continued) Is there a concern that Agents may try to avoid being recorded? Or is this recording for Compliance purposes? IF yes, THEN go with BackOffice (VSR 04 or LKS-IP) IF no, THEN VSR 01(or ipTap) unless preference is to keep other applications off desktop. How many phones are being recorded? IF small number (ie less than 4),THEN calls can be managed using IP/Digital Player (Free download) IF 5+, THEN consider Manager or Reporter Pro Why are calls being recorded? IF for training and to be used for evaluation purposes, THEN propose and demonstrate Reporter Pro ( YouTube video posted)

5 Digital Single Port – Call Logger Unit For Recording & Storing conversations on a local or network PC Consists of an in-line box, USB cable and software VSR SV8300 NEC Digital Telephone USB

6 Digital – Desktop Single Port Call Recorder Plugs in at telephone desktop (digital pair) & local PC via USB (DTR & DTL) Complete with Standard Record and Playback desktop software (IP/Digital Player 3.0) Local or centralised file management with Supervisors Applications (IP/Digital Manager\Reporter 3.0)

7 Digital Desktop Advantages & Applications VSR 01 - Records DT300 phones at Desktop User can interact with Recording, Add Notes. This is very popular in Insurance Companies where they reference the recording by Claim Number. Other applications include Order Number, Client Number etc. Any company looking to reference interactions for future follow-up/confirmations. User can be asked to save or erase call at end of recording, in application where only transactional calls are desired to be recorded or saved. No additional PC resource required, only storage on local PC or network drive Installed at Client PC, can be disconnected, If this is a concern then use VSR 04 (s) installed in BackOffice

8 NEC ipTap (soon to be released to Beta) Same and as VSR Desktop No second Ethernet Card or port mirroring required. Easy to Install, very cost effective

9 Digital 4 Port Recorder Records via Local Server via USB and IP/Digital BackOffice Stackable to 48 ports per Server Multiple Supervisors file management applications (IP/Digital Manager or Reporter pro)

10 IP/Digital BackOffice Advantages & Applications VSR 04- Records DTR/DTL phones at in Phone/Data Room. Agent cannot avoid being Recorded. Nothing added to Agent Client PC. Popular in traditional Call Center Environment where calls are recorded for training purposes or for compliance requirements. Requires dedicated PC hardware. No Live interaction with recordings, although Desktop Player can be used by agent if desired to gain access to recordings after call.

11 IP/Digital BackOffice IP Recorder module added to standard IP/Digital BackOffice Recorder Software Allows traditional TDM (DTR/DTL) and IP phone (ITL- iSIP/n-SIP, 3 rd party SIP station and SIP Trunks) recording on the same application IP Seats are sold separately, licensed via LMS & LMC server Works with Supervisor software (IP/Digital Manager, Reporter also now licensed via LMS and LMC)

12 IP/Digital Call Encryption- NOW STANDARD option! Encrypts calls as they are recorded in IP/Digital BackOffice (IP or TDM) Password Protect Audio Playback of recorded calls Protect sensitive communication from network users and hackers Email encrypted calls without worry that other parties can replay audio

13 Call Archiver Option – LKS-IP/Digital-Archiver-1-LIC In Software, both desktop and BackOffice, user can set a Delete Calls After x Number of Days setting Some Compliance purposes require Calls be saved for 7 years, others need to save longer. Archiving Option allows calls to be moved to secondary drive location for long-term storage

14 Supervisor Software Options Use for either Multiple Desktop IP/Digital recorders OR 4 Port recorder as Supervisor positions IP/Digital Manager 3.0 IP/Digital Reporter 3.0

15 IP/Digital Manager 3.0 (Supervisor) Entry level Supervisor Manage multiple Single or 4 Port VSR Units Windows Explorer look and feel Search and Organize Calls recorded by IP/Digital Desktop or IP/Digital BackOffice

16 IP/Digital Reporter 3.0 (Supervisor) High level Supervisor Same as IP/Digital Manager with Call Report Generation Includes Graphical Reports Includes Agent Grading

17 IP/Digital and Call Recording Call Recording Requirements/Assumptions: Many companies want to record calls for training and evaluation purposes A Manager needs a tool that will help them identify strengths and weaknesses of employees based on these recordings Since they will be listening to calls, makes sense to evaluate all calls based on same criteria for the same type of call Result will be to help the business improve on day-to-day transactions, thereby increasing sales and or customer service ; directly or indirectly adding to the bottom line. IP/Digital Reporter Pro is the answer!!

18 IP/Digital Reporter Any Number of Forms 10 Questions Each Yes/No or Scale Weight Each Question Write Own Questions or use Provided Setting up scoring forms :

19 IP/Digital Reporter Scoring: Yes/No- Scale or N/A Options N/A Distributes Value of Question to others 0-100% Scale

20 Call Score Reports Group Report- Compares Agents

21 IP/Digital Reporter Tracks Employee Improvement (or lack thereof) Great Tool for Employee Reviews

22 IP/Digital - Additional Data Reports

23 IP/Digital – Reports Contd

24 Hardware and Software Table

25 Product List Unit Name DescriptionPart No. LKS-IP PORT-1-LIC Single port license that enables telephone users to record, store and manage their calls. 1 Port/User/Client License (IP Only) 780320 NEC 1 PORT DIGITAL CALL LOGGING UNIT Single port USB device that enables telephone users to record, store and manage their calls. 1 port Hardware unit Player v3.0 software CD (Digital Only) 780275 NEC 4 PORT DIGITAL CALL LOGGING UNIT A stackable 4-extension connector designed to be installed in your equipment room to monitor multiple extensions on one server. Up to 12 units can be used (up to a maximum of 48 extensions) on one PC (Multiple PCs can be used to increase capacity). 4 port Hardware unit and BackOffice v3.0 Software CD (Digital Only) 780273 LKS-IP/DIGITAL-ARCHIVER PORT-1-LIC 1 Port/User/Archiver License (IP and Digital) 780323 LKS-IP/DIGITL-MANAGER PORT-1-LIC 1 Port/User/Manager License (IP and Digital) 780325 LKS-IP/DIGITAL-REPORTER PORT-1-LIC 1 Port/User/Reporter License (IP and Digital) 780326 IP/DIGITAL BACKOFFICE v3.0 Allows IP and Digital recording on the same application. Works with Manager and Reporter. Windows XP and Windows 7 32/64 bit compatible N/A IP/DIGITAL PLAYER v3.0 For use on desktop and local PC Windows XP and Windows 7 32/64 bit compatible N/A

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