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Persian Wars, Age of Pericles, Peloponnesian Wars.

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1 Persian Wars, Age of Pericles, Peloponnesian Wars

2 Persia: Modern day Iran Asia Minor: Present day Turkey

3 Cause of Persian Wars Greeks in Asia Minor begin rebelling against the Persians. Athenians assist the Greeks in Asia Minor This upsets the Persians Darius: (Ruler of the Persians) punishes Athens by moving his army to attack Greek Mainland

4 Details of Persian Wars Battle of Marathon – Persians outnumbered the Athenians, however the Athenians pulled through and beat the Persians Peace for 10 yrs Darius’s son Xerxes took over and again began to attack Greece – City states united to conquer Persians – Battle of Thermopylae 300 Spartans fought the Persians there, they were largely outnumbered, but fought hard for 3 days. They fought until every last one of them were dead. because of their bravery, it allowed the other city states time to prepare their forces. – Persians move towards Athens Themistocles (leader of Athens) ordered everyone to flee the city Persians destroyed the city of Athens – Battle of Salamis Strait – Themistocles tricked the Persian navy into attacking the Athenian Navy in this narrow straight – The Persians again outnumbered the Athenian Navy, but the Athenian ships were more maneuverable in the narrow straight and Athens was able to sink many of the Persian ships and win the battle – Athens and Sparta join forces Finally Athens and Sparta joined forces and put an end to Xerxes and the Persian wars

5 Results of the war – Greek city states united Delian League: – Created by Athens/ resembled our league of nations – an alliance of city states with Athens as the leader. – Included 140 city states – Each city state contributed money and ships

6 Age of Pericles Pericles became leader of Athens after Persian wars Under his rule Athens reached its peak in power and wealth 5 changes for Athens under Pericles: 1.All male citizens except for the lowest class could hold office 2.Officeholders were paid 3.Extended the Athenian empire 4.Established an Athenian Navy 5.Established a system of weights and measures for Athens

7 Peloponnesian War Caused by tensions between Sparta and Athens Lasted 27 years Sparta attacked Athens first Athens retreated into their city and survived by the Athenian navy transporting food to the city In the end Sparta conquered the Athenian navy and starved Athens until it surrendered.

8 Essay What was the difference between the Persian and Peloponnesian wars? – Consider the cause of each war, the allies of each war (who was fighting for which side), and the outcomes of the wars Compare the difference between the relations between the Greek city states during each war?

9 Group Work What weapons can you create with your resources? What are you going to war for? (what resources are you trying to get, are you assisting a neighboring city state, or do you not agree with something a neighboring city state is doing?) OR Is someone attacking you? (are they trying to free your slaves? Obtain one your resources? Etc.) Who is going to fight? (Age range of men, will women assist in the fighting, etc.) Finish your map if time

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