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Access Control ( Software ) June 25, 2010 Created by Castaly / Andy Chen.

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1 Access Control ( Software ) June 25, 2010 Created by Castaly / Andy Chen

2 Access Control Guideline Introduction System Structure Criteria Dongle Types GV-ASManager GV-ASRemote GV-ASWeb Advance Section - Demo Summary / Case Study FAQ

3 Guideline for Access Control

4 AS-S Access Control Introduction

5 What is Access Control System? –A system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer- based information system Introduction

6 In order to manage people’s access data, you will need the following application. –GV-ASManager –GV-ASRemote –GV-ASWeb Introduction

7 AS-S01 Access Control System Structure

8 System Structure for Access Control

9 AS-S02 Access Control Criteria

10 Import Database Prerequisite PC Specification S/W & Firmware Comparison Criteria

11 Import Database –If you’re upgrading previous GV- ASManager v2.0 to v2.11, ensure you have backup the database C:\AS200\AsManager\ASDBMana ger.exe –Uninstall version 2.0 completely. –Install v2.11 and run ASDBManager.exe Choose upgrade to the latest database version Then Run Recovery Database Criteria

12 Prerequisite –Install DirectX 9.0c –Install Microsoft.Net Framework Version 3.5 –Install GV-ASManager –Import the database if any Criteria

13 PC Specification Criteria

14 GV-ASManager V2.1.1V2.1.0V2.0.0V1.2.0V1.1.1V1.1.0V1.0.0 AS200 V2.0.0OOOXXXX V1.1.1XXOOxXX V1.1.0XXOOOOX V1.0.0XXOOOOO AS100( +ASBo x) V1.0.2OOXXXXX AS400V1.0.0OOXXXXX S/W & Firmware Comparison

15 AS-S03 Access Control Dongle Types

16 4 Ports  Up to 4 GV-ASController 10 Ports  Up to 10 GV-ASController 30 Ports  Up to 30 GV-ASController 50 Ports  Up to 50 GV-ASController 255 Ports  Up to 255 GV-ASController Dongle Types

17 AS-S04 Access Control GV-ASManager

18 Key Features Terminologies IP camera integration Log Information Notification Backup Anti-Passback GV-ASManager

19 Key Features –Control up to 255 GV-AS# Controller –Save up to 10,000 card information for GV-AS200 –Save up to 40,000 card information for GV-AS100 –Up to 1000 system user –Multiple cards for a single user –Enroll cards in batch –Anti-duress feature –Holiday planning for 14 months GV-ASManager

20 Key Features –Import / export of card or cardholder information –Support MS Access or MS SQL database –Check door status, alarm events, trigger output –Global or local Anti-passback capabilities –Search / export log information –User-defined 16 channel Matrix View –Send alert notification for certain events –Integrate with Multicam and IP devices GV-ASManager

21 Terminologies –Anti-Duress –Anti-Passback –Interlock feature –Two-person A/B rules GV-ASManager

22 Anti-Duress –If a person is forced to open the door under threat, he can enter hisPIN plus 1 to activate an alarm and send a signal to the ASManager to dispatch the police. For example, the PIN is 5555 and you enter 5556. The door will open normally (access granted) and the alarm will be activated. The function is enabled by default in the system. GV-ASManager

23 Anti-Passback –The feature is designed to prevent card sharing and to enforce use of entry and exit readers. If a card was used at an entry reader, it must be used at an exit reader before it will be valid at an entry reader again. GV-ASManager

24 Inter-lock –The feature is also called “mantrap” or interlocking”. The feature interlocks two controlled doors allowing only one door to be opened at a time. The feature will not unlock a door if the other door is open.If both doors are open at the same time, the alarm will be activated. GV-ASManager

25 Two-person A/B rules –The door unlock only when two assigned cards are presented together GV-ASManager

26 IP Camera Integration –You can simply map two cameras in door A. One of the camera source must come from analog or digital cameras GV-ASManager

27 Log Information –Monitor Windows New Event Monitor tag New Access Monitor tag New Alarm Monitor tag New Locate People tag –Filter, Auto Select, Lock, Rename features GV-ASManager

28 Log Information ( ASLog ) –Display the event information of the controllers and server on the current day. Display following events. Access Log Alarm Log Event Log Daily in / out Card list Cardholder list Controller list DVR list GV-ASManager

29 Log Information ( ASLog ) –Support MS Access / MS SQL Server –Video Playback are available if DVRs is integrated Export the result –Txt –Excel –Htm GV-ASManager

30 Notification –Invoke Alarm –Send Email Alert –Send SMS Alert –Trigger Recording 1~300 sec –Popup Live view 1~300 sec –Trigger Preset GV-ASManager

31 Backup –AutoBackup Backup Event log files –Perform backup at 24:00 every day ASDBManager –Backup / restore Configuration Setting and event log files –ASRes folder under C:\ AccessControl\AsManager Backup / restore Configuration Setting and event log files GV-ASManager

32 Anti-Passback –Anti-Passback –Local Anti-Passback –Global Anti-Passback GV-ASManager

33 Anti-Passback –Prevent successive entries –Only work on one controller –Though RS-485 or TCP/IP GV-ASManager

34 Local Anti-Passback –Prevent successive entries –Work on Multiple controller –ONLY though TCP/IP GV-ASManager

35 Global Anti-Passback –Track the card holder around the site –Work on Multiple controllers –ONLY though TCP/IP –Only works for GV-AS100 with AS- Box and GV-AS400 GV-ASManager

36 AS-S05 Access Control GV-ASRemote

37 GV-ASRemote Designed to monitor Multiple GV-ASManagers over the network. Features as below –Remote Monitoring –Remote Live View and Playback –Remote Control: Stop Alarm. Force door lock/unlock

38 AS-S06 Access Control GV-ASWeb

39 GV-ASWeb –Search the logs –Setup search criteria to view the records –Snapshot Verification Display the found video image along with cardholder photo –Video playback and snapshot with associated events –Display pre-defined columns –Export logs in txt, xls and hml

40 AS-S07 Access Control Advance Section – Demo

41 1)How to enroll your fingerprint? 2)How to upload fingerprints to other GV-GF? 3)How to backup & restore the database 4)How to configure Global Anti- passback? 5)How to set GV-AS200 controller to default setting 6)How to set GV-AS100 controller to default setting Advance Section - Demo

42 7)How to set GV-AS400 controller to default setting 8)How to connect GV- ASManager with GV-AS200? 9)How to connect GV- ASManager with GV-AS400? 10)How to connect GV- ASManager with GV-AS100 with GV-ASBox? 11)How to setup GV-ASRemote? 12)How to setup / search GV- ASWeb? Advance Section - Demo

43 Access Control Summary / Case Study AS-S07

44 Summary


46 Case Study

47 Access Control FAQ

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