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Enterprise Software Solution Lab Pvt Ltd

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1 Enterprise Software Solution Lab Pvt Ltd
IN BIO 460 Enterprise Software Solution Lab Pvt Ltd

2 FEATURES of inBIO 460 Controller
It can control Four Doors or two doors. Finger Print capacity :3000 A maximum of 30,000 card holders and 100,000 offline event records. Communication Types : RJ-45 or RS-485, Using 485 communication, we can connect 63 controllers in parallel, The power supply is 12V DC converted from 220V, External readers : Supports external standard WIEGAND readers.(101HE, KR100, 101HE#, 101BM, 101BM# etc..), The auxiliary input may be connected to infrared body detectors, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc…. The auxiliary output may be connected to alarms, cameras, door bells, etc….. Door sensor with lock to get an indication, if in case of door is opened for long time, With a watchdog (hardware) built in the control panel to prevent crash,

3 Technical Specification

4 Connection Diagram

5 Connectivity Diagram

6 Connectivity Diagram

7 Software Features 1. Software is Web based Application.
2. Powerful data processing capacity, allowing management of the Access Control data of 30,000 people. 3. Multilevel management role-based level management secures user data confidentiality. 4. Real-time data acquisition system ensures prompt feedback of access control data to the management. Time Zones Access levels 7. 3 Holiday Types and 96 holidays. 8. Remote Door Opening And Closing. 9. Real Time Monitoring Software Features

8 Interlock: Can be set for any two or more lock belong to one access
control panel, so that when one door is opened, the others will be closed. And you can open one door only when others are closed. Anti-pass Back: The card holder who entered from a door by card punching must exit from the same door by card punching, with the entry and exit records strictly consistent Linkage Setting: When an event is triggered at an input point of the access control system, a linkage action will occur at the specified output point to control such events as verification, opening, alarm and exception of the system and list them in the corresponding monitored report for view by the user. Multi-Card Opening: This function needs to be enabled in some special access occasions, where the door will open only after consecutive card punching by several people. Special Features

9 System Requirements Configuration Requirements:
CPU: Master frequency of 2.0G or above; Memory: 1G or above; Hardware: Available space of 10G or above. Operating System: Supported operation systems: Windows XP/Windows 2003/Windows Vista/Windows7 Supported databases: MySQL (system default)/MS SQL Server/Oracle

10 My Panel

11 Software Screen shots Personal

12 Software Screen shots Device

13 Software Screen shots Access Control Time Zone

14 Software Screen shots Door Management

15 Software Screen shots Door Configuration

16 Software Screen shots Interlock Settings

17 Software Screen shots Antipassback Settings

18 Software Screen shots Linkage Settings

19 Software Screen shots Multi Card Opening

20 Software Screen shots Access Level

21 Software Screen shots Personal Access Level

22 Software Screen shots Reports






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