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Lost in Translation Exercise

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1 Lost in Translation Exercise
Today’s Icebreaker Lost in Translation Exercise

2 Lost in Translation How well is your message received?
Do your managers and sales associates deliver your message correctly?

3 Lost in Translation - Objective
Test how well your message is received as it is communicated. We will break the group into 3 teams. Objective: Get your message across through your team as fast as possible.

4 Lost in Translation – The Rules
The first person on each team is handed a message on paper. Must whisper in next person’s ear so no one else can hear (one by one). You cannot write the message down. Quickest team “wins” with the most accurately communicated message. Overall time limit 5 minutes.

5 The Rules First person in line read your message. GO!

6 Time to Communicate Team 1 – Last person deliver your message.
“The Rices have recently transferred to the Catskills and are looking to purchase a 4 bedroom Chalet near the ski slopes of Bear Mountain. They have a five year old boy and a three year old girl named Todd and Raquel who are champion downhill ski board racers.”

7 Time to Communicate Team 2 – Last person deliver your message.
“Liz Burton is a single mom looking to downsize from her 5 bedroom house on Bergen Drive. She has great credit and a job as a medical assistant. She needs to move quickly as her daughter, Elizabeth, needs to start school in the fall.”

8 Time to Communicate Team 3 – Last person deliver your message.
“Jim Farrell, divorcee, whose “ex” just took him to the cleaners is downsizing from his 25 room Georgian colonial located in Alexandria, VA. He’s looking to purchase a one bedroom Brownstone in Georgetown to live with Monica Lewinski’s best friend, Heidi.”

9 Debrief What was most challenging? What would have helped you?

10 Key Learning Points When we communicate an important message, it is often heard differently by each person receiving the message. Emphasize the most important points of your message in order of importance to get the correct message across to each listener. To ensure your message is delivered effectively and clearly: - Plan what you want to communicate ahead of time. - Keep track of what you communicated, and to whom. - Reiterate your message, as needed.

11 Thank you for participating!

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