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Lets build fluency! The people By the water You and I.

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2 Lets build fluency!

3 The people

4 By the water

5 You and I

6 He called me.

7 What did they say?

8 No way

9 One or two

10 More than the other

11 How many words?

12 This is a good day.

13 Sit down.

14 But not me

15 Not now

16 From my room

17 Will you be good?

18 Then we will go.

19 An angry cat

20 Write your name.

21 That dog is big.

22 Two of us

23 The first word

24 I like him.

25 Out of the water

26 We were here.

27 Could you go?

28 We like to write.

29 Into the water

30 Look for some people.

31 So there you are.

32 A long time

33 Have you seen it?

34 One more time

35 All day long

36 Its about time.

37 Up in the air

38 Which way?

39 He has it.

40 If we were older

41 Its no use.

42 With his mom

43 As big as the first

44 When will we go?

45 From here to there

46 More people

47 Go down.

48 Did you like it?

49 When did they go?

50 She said to go.

51 Each of us

52 What are these?

53 There was an old man.

54 It may fall down.

55 See the water

56 But not for me

57 Write it down.

58 Who will make it?

59 What will they do?

60 We had their dog.

61 When would you go?

62 A number of people

63 How long are they?

64 Come and get it.

65 Part of the time

66 Can you see?

67 Now and then

68 Go find her.

69 At your house

70 Its been a long time.

71 Give them to me.

72 Now is the time.

73 May I go first?

74 This is my cat.

75 Get on the bus.

76 Did you see it?

77 How did they get it?

78 Number two

79 Look up.

80 All or some

81 A long way to go

82 For some of your people

83 The other people

84 To end hit Esc key

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