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Exec Handover Training Chairing Skills

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1 Exec Handover Training Chairing Skills
May 2014

2 Agenda Presentation Discussion – Characteristics of a Good Chairperson
Responsibilities – Before the Meeting Responsibilities – During the Meeting Responsibilities – After the Meeting Discussion – Characteristics of a Good Chairperson Exercise on Strategies to Handle Difficult Situations Timing – presentation – 20 minutes with questions Characteristics – 15 mins Strategic to Handle Difficult Situations – 25 mins

3 Underpinning principles
As an effective chair, you need to understand the key roles that you have, how to handle the mechanics of different meetings. All of this needs to be undertaken in the context of the rules ……that apply and finding the best ways to encourage participation while dealing with the personalities you face LG Improvement Development Agency 2006

4 The Role of the Chair Maintains standards and focus on the aims of the committee/ working group or meeting Ensures effective communication between members and also with anyone outside the group Runs the meeting and sets the agenda Ensures the other people in the meeting get accurate, timely and clear information Gives clarity on decisions Makes sure decisions are acted upon Builds and develops team work

5 The Role of the Chair To enable all views to be heard, conclusions to be based on reasoned argument, consensus or compromise and those conclusions to meet the aims of the meeting/ group/ organisation/ committee

6 Responsibilities Before Meeting
Be clear about the remit of the committee/ group/ meeting Agree the agenda and main objectives of the meeting Get Papers out if required Read all papers If anyone else is presenting – make sure they know what is expected of them Do you need to talk to anyone before the meeting? Prepare how you will get through the agenda How long will you spend on each item? Where do you need a decision?

7 Responsibilities During A Meeting
Arrive in good time Welcome everyone and introduce anyone new Deal with routine or admin items quickly Set out any overall objectives of the meeting at the outset Introduce each item and its objective Conclude items clearly – record decisions Sum up part way through items if needs be Ensure everyone’s voice is heard Try to reach consensus Be clear on actions Keep focused on purpose Thank everyone

8 Responsibilities After the Meeting
Approve any minutes Circulate any minutes Talk to people who need to take action if they weren’t in the meeting Carry out any actions that you agreed to do

9 Behaviours of a Good Chairperson
What does a good Chair person do to ensure the purpose of the meeting is met? Discuss!!

10 Behaviours of a Good Chair
Manage difficult situations Good listener Able to work out what people actually mean (tone, body language etc.) Opportunity for everyone to be heard Lead by example Show respect Uphold SU values Don’t talk too much Summarise Highlight if the topic is drifting Ask for advice when they need it Decoding – 38% of what is voice and tine 7% is words used 55% is visual You need to concentrate when chairing a meeting!

11 Helpful Phrases It seems there is a consensus on..
It seems these areas are agreed…. It seems this is the issue we need to resolve…. Are there other points that have not been raised? On the basis of what you have said… Can we explore “x” point a bit further? Perhaps we need some more information on that before we reach a conclusion

12 Practical Things Where you sit is important
Central so you can see and hear everyone Near minute taker or advisor Handover the Chair if you feel you wish to contribute more fully Some actions/ discussion can happen outside of the meeting

13 Strategies to Deal With Difficult Situations
What would you do if…..? Someone is talking too much, dominating the meeting Someone never speaks One person never agrees with anyone else and finds ways of derailing the discussion Someone does not listen to others/ cuts them off mid sentence or disregards their contribution People start to shout People are having side conversations Personal comments are made Someone is upset as a result of a discussion Consensus can not be reached

14 Are there aspects of Chairing a meeting you would like to discuss?
Areas of Concern Are there aspects of Chairing a meeting you would like to discuss?

15 Questions?

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