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No Talking By: Andrew Clements Illustrator: Mark Elliot Report By: James.

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1 No Talking By: Andrew Clements Illustrator: Mark Elliot Report By: James

2 Settings Mostly school

3 Pages 146

4 Charters Dave Lysine Ms.Haitt And all of the teachers. And all of the kids.

5 Beginning The beginning was that Dave was trying not to talk. When he had to do his report he coughed for two minutes. Then when he went to lunch he said to lysine “if you had to shut up for five minutes I bet the top of your head would explode. Then lysine said “you take that back.” Then Dave said “what that girls don`t be quiet no” and then Dave said “and here is proof we`ll have a contest girls vs. boys and who ever talks less in two days wins.”

6 Middle The middle is the next day the principle Ms.Haitt was ready for 5 th grade lunch and she had a bullhorn (because they never be quit talking) and then all the fifth graders came in but none of them talked. Ms.Haitt was surprised that the 5 th graders behaved so nicely. So she said to them, “good afternoon 5 th graders” and they said “good afternoon” back.

7 Middle Recess was quite and the 5 th graders did not speak but there were some mess ups that cost the both the boys and girls some points. After recess some students went to Mr. Burton’s class. Mr. Burton had heard about the no talking contest and he wrote on the board, “Today there will be writing only, everyone must write all period long. You may not stop writing for more then 15 seconds. As soon as you get your paper begin.” After that class they went home.

8 End Some teachers were getting mad about this contest. They really wanted it to stop. But other teachers like Mr. Burton didn’t want the contest to stop yet and so they had a teacher’s meeting in the lounge. They decided to have a 5 th grade assembly. At the assembly Mrs. Hiatt asked the 5 th graders to say the Pledge of Allegiance. They actually said it and when they were done Mrs. Hiatt told them the contest has to stop!! The students went back to class.

9 End Later in Mrs. Marlow’s class she asked Ellen if they had done their homework. Ellen said, “yes Mrs. Marlow.” Mrs. Marlow knew about the 3 word rule and this was 2 words. She asked “what were your calculations?” Ellen replied, “I used math.” Mrs. Marlow was very mad since the students were still in the contest and not obeying Mrs. Hiatt. But after, she realized that she shouldn’t be mad, she should be happy. The entire class was now listening instead of whispering to each other like before the contest.

10 End The other teacher’s realized it too. At lunch Mrs. Hiatt was doing lunch duty. When she thought the 5 th graders were going to scream and shout like usual they didn’t. She was still mad that were not obeying her and she turned to Dave and said, “TALK WITH YOUR FRIENDS!” Dave said, “nothing to say”. After about 5 minutes of Mrs. Hiatt yelling at Dave, Dave said “there is nothing to talk about and this is our lunch period, not yours.” Upon hearing this, Mrs. Hiatt left the room.

11 End In the end, It was a tie between the boys and girls and all the teachers decided the contest was a good thing for the school. Mrs. Hiatt set up a new no talking contest between all the grades.

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