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Chapter 16 Lessons 2 & 3 -Female Reproductive System -Male Reproductive System.

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1 Chapter 16 Lessons 2 & 3 -Female Reproductive System -Male Reproductive System

2 What do you know about the female reproductive system? Reproductive Systems – systems responsible for producing offspring


4 Internal Organs OvariesOvaries- female sex glands produce egg (ovum) produce estrogen and progesterone Born about 200,000 during lifetime 400 will mature uterus cervix


6 Fallopian Tubes – pair of tubes fingerlike projections that draw in the ovum pathway for egg pathway for egg carries egg to uterus carries egg to uterus fertilization takes place 90%

7 Uterus- pear shaped - egg implants in uterine lining - fetus grows Endometrium – lining of uterus Cervix- opening uterus to vagina

8 Implantation outside the uterus Implantation inside Fallopian tube called tubal pregnancy 1 in 50 pregnancies is ectopic

9 Cervix- opening uterus to vagina COMMON cause of cancer! Pap smear- test cervical cancer (GYN) once a year Vagina- Passageway from to outside


11 Picture Female Reproductive System Fallopian tubes ovaries uterus

12 Review 1 answers

13 Vagina Cervix Ovum Uterine Lining Fallopian Tubes Uterus Ovary

14 Fallopian tubes Endometrium vagina Ovary Ova (eggs) Ovum/egg uterus cervix

15 Review 1 answers Do Now: Label this diagram

16 Menstrual Cycle Days 1-8 -Menstrual flow Days New egg is maturing -Lining begins to thicken Day 14 -Ovulation – mature egg is released Days Egg travels through fallopian tube toward uterus -Fertilization may occur



19 Care Female Reproductive System Bathe Regularly Abstinence from sex Breast self exams and regular medical exams p. 455

20 Chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 36 Chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is about 1 in 8 Chances are high the disease will touch your life, or the life of someone you know.

21 One year

22 Problems of the Female Reproductive System Cramps – avoid salt & caffeine light exercise help Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) – causes by hormonal changes anxiety, bloating, depression, fatigue, weight gain exercise can help Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) – bacterial infection – fever, sunburn like rash, muscle aches - low absorbency tampon - change tampons often

23 Infertility – cannot reproduce Endometriosis - uterine tissue grows into uterus, abdominal cavity, or fallopian tubes Vaginitis – bacterial infection (yeast infection) STI Ovarian Cysts- fluid filled sacs of ovary Cancers

24 Male Reproduction System Do Now: List Secondary Sex Characteristics (changes that happen to the body during puberty) for either males or females.

25 Male Puberty Begins between ages Pituitary glands sends hormones to the testes. The testes then produce testosterone. Secondary Sex Characteristics Broadening of shouldersEnlargement of external organs Development of musclesLonger heavier bones Hair growthIncrease in height Deepening of voiceRougher tougher skin

26 Male Reproductive Organs External Organs Penis Scrotum – external skin sac -Hangs from the body hold testicles -Temperature regulation

27 Male Reproductive System Internal Organs Testes – 2 small glands (seminiferous tubules) - sperm production - testosterone (hormone) Epididymis - sperm mature and are stored

28 Vas Deferens - tubes that extend from each epididymis to the urethra Seminal Vesicle -first stop fluid

29 Prostate Gland - more fluid - Common site of cancer - Rectal exam after 40/50 Cowper’s Gland - secrets more fluid -Prepares urethra Urethra - exit for semen & urine Semen Semen – thick fluid containing sperm and other secretions

30 Care of Male Reproductive Systems Regular Check ups (12 to 18 months) Bathe regularly – thoroughly clean penis and scrotum Protective equipment- cup or supporter Self exams – check testicles for signs of cancer Abstinence – Avoid STI’s

31 Problems Male Reproductive System Hernia – intestine pushes through abdominal wall - lifting heavy object - lump in groin area & pain Testicular cancer – ages common self- exam Prostate cancer – rectal exam after 40 Sterility – inability to reproduce (Can be caused by environmental hazards, steroid use, other drug use, some medications, or diseases and STI’s

32 Seminal vesicle Cowpers gland Seminiferous tubules testicle Urethra Penis Prostate Vas Deferens epididymis Scrotum

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